Gotengo: Multi-Purpose Battleship 万能戦艦 轟天号
Gotengo: Undersea Battleship

Only available in VS Game, the Gotengo (also referred to as "Gouten" in-game) excels in ranged attacks while boasting two movesets that it can toggle between. It should be noted that the ship can only use a small selection of moves while grounded. Also, the Gotengo is the only character in the game that lacks the ability to block, roar, or grab. The A button is used to increase the craft's speed when held.

Normal & Special Attacks (Normal Form)
Drill (Y/X)

The Gotengo's normal close quarter attack. Pressing Y or X will cause the drill at the front of the ship to rotate quickly, striking any opponent who might come in range. One thing to note is that using X will cause for a more powerful strike, but it can't be linked as easily as using Y.

Converged Electron Cannon (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

A multi-functional move, although difficult to utilize effectively. Pressing Down, Down-Back, and Back with either Y or X will cause the cannon to engage. The player can then point the cannon in a direction to be fired using the directional pad, which includes upward, at a 45 degree angle, or horizontally. However, the input on the D-pad must be done very quickly. This move can be performed while the Gotengo is on the ground.

Diffusion Electron Cannons (Down, Down-Foward, Forward + Y/X)

A two volley shot, as the craft fires one blast horizontally and the other at a 45 degree angle, both of which will hit the opponent if they are close enough. This move can be performed while the Gotengo is on the ground.

Zero Cannon (Hold X, then release)

After the drill stops rotating, continue to hold X for 4 more seconds and then release for the Gotengo to unleash its Zero Cannon, which will damage the foe and neutralize projectiles. The Gotengo can't move while the cannon is activated. The player can start holding X for another blast while the cannon is being fired.

Evade (Back, Down-Back, Down + A)

A very helpful move in its aresenal, using Evade will cause the ship to bank to the side, causing it to avoid all attacks until it realigns. While evading, the Gotengo can move around, but can't initiate other attacks. However, the player can start holding X for the Zero Cannon.

Mogera Strategy (While landed, hold Down and press A)

An interesting move where, after holding Down for a short time then pressing A, the Gotengo will burrow into the earth. Once below the surface, the player can continue holding A to keep the vessel underground. While burrowed, the player can move the craft slowly left or right, and then release A to surface. Resurfacing will happen automatically after a period a time.

High-Voltage Current (While in a hold, tap A/B/Y/X)

The game's only anti-grab move, this attack is performed in the same manner that any hold is broken: by rapidly pressing A, B, Y, or X. The primary difference is that the High-Voltage Current will also damage the opponent in the process as the foe releases the Gotengo from its grasp.

Transformation (B)

One of the unique features of the Gotengo is the ability to shift between two different sets of moves. This process is done simply by pressing B, where the craft will change into its Attack Form while in its Normal Form or vice versa. The Gotengo cannot be grabbed while in its Attack Form.

Super Special Moves (Normal Form)
Rock-Crushing Tank (Forward, Down, Back + X)

The first of two specials for the Gotengo, Rock-Crushing Tank is where the deck of the ship lowers into the craft as the rear rockets flare up and the Gotengo charges the opponent, ramming them with its drill numerous times if it strikes them.

Normal & Special Attacks (Attack Form)
Anti-Air Missile (Y)

A simple move where the Gotengo will launch one missile from its side, which will then fly directly over the craft and in the direction of the opponent while staying airborne.

Missile (X)

Opposite of the anti-air attack, simply pressing X will cause a missile to launch at a 45 degree angle below the Gotengo where it will continue on its path until reaching the ground, at which point it will travel horizontally until it either goes off the screen or hits the opponent.

Converged Electron Cannons (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

Identical to the attack in its Normal Form, after being engaged, the Converged Electron Cannons can be aimed by the player in a direction to be fired, which includes upward, at a 45 degree angle, or horizontally. However, this must be done very quickly before the two shots are fired. This move can be performed while the Gotengo is on the ground.

Diffusion Electron Cannons (Down, Down-Foward, Forward + Y/X)

The easiest normal attack to hit an opponent with, regardless of their location, the Diffusion Electron Cannons will unleash four shots in the direction of the opponent. This move can be performed while the Gotengo is on the ground.

High-Voltage Current (Hold X, then release)

The High-Voltage Current will shock anything that is unfortunate enough to come in range while also neutralizing projectiles. The move is executed by holding X for 4 seconds and then releasing. The Gotengo can't move while the electric field is activated, though the player can start holding X for a second discharge while the move is being performed.

Super Special Moves (Attack Form)
Strong High-Voltage Current (Forward, Down, Back + X)

The Gotengo's second special attack, this move is identical to High-Voltage Current except with a much more extended range to the electric field. If the opponent is unfortunate enough to get caught in the discharge, they will be dragged closer to the center of the attack and shocked repeatedly.

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