Gigan: Cyborg Monster サイボーグ怪獣 ガイガン
Gigan: Cyborg Monster

The cyborg monster is, surprisingly, similar to Godzilla in playstyle, except opting out of higher damage in favor of speed. Gigan doesn't have many ranged attacks, but his laser beam, and its ability to be charged for a long blast, has this area covered. Gigan, along with Anguirus, is also one of the few monsters in the game that has a good supply of easily linkable combos.

Normal & Special Attacks
Hammer Claw (Y)

Gigan very quickly flails his Hammer Claw in front of him in an attempt to strike the opponent. The move is so fast that it can be comboed easily simply by repeatedly pressing Y, with the added bonus of striking the opponent twice in one swipe if used close enough. This move can also be done while ducking or jumping, although it can only be performed once while in midair.

Hammer Strike (X)

The cyborg monster reaches forth to strike his opponent head on with his hammer claw.

Sweep Strike (While ducking, X)

While kneeling, Gigan reaches out with his hammer claw to try and slash the opponent. The move has a generous amount of range to it, and will actually strike Gigan's enemy twice if it hits close enough.

Cleave (While jumping, X)

Gigan winds back with his hammer claw before striking downward at a 45 degree angle with the large blade.

Kick (While jumping, hold Down, Y)

A simple midair move, where the cyborg monster reaches out with the foot closest to his opponent in an attempt to kick them. Sadly, compared with Continual Kick, this move has little going for it, although it's a little quicker and does deal slightly more damage in a single strike.

Continual Kick (While jumping, hold Down, X)

While in the air, Gigan lashes out with the foot closest to his opponent. If successful, X can be pressed again to have Gigan do a head stomp on his opponent, and then X can be pressed a third time to strike his foe with his tail before landing.

Leap (Hold Forward/Hold Back, A)

Gigan does a small leap across the screen in whichever direction was held. Like other leap moves, this is a rather cumbersome means of advancing on a player due to being vulnerable while jumping, but Gigan's quick attacks make it easier to recover than others.

Back Jump Cutter (Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Y/X)

Gigan quickly flies in the air in a circle, his buzzsaw rotating in hopes of striking his opponent. If X is used then Gigan will fly in a wider circle as compared with Y.

Laser Beam (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

The cyborg monster crouches as he releases a laser from his forehead, the length of which depends on how long Y or X is held before being released. If X is used then it can be held for longer before firing. This move can also be used while jumping.

Heat Ray (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Y/X)

Gigan opens his mouth to unleash a stream of fire in the direction of his opponent, the duration of which depends on how long Y or X is held. The attack can be aimed in a desired direction by pressing Up or Down. There is a small delay after using this move, the length of which depends on how long the flames were released.

Gigan Ninja Art of Revival Skill (Hold A, Back + B)

A very difficult move to pull off, while the net gain is almost never worth the effort. To execute, the player must hold A while Gigan's life meter is flashing yellow. Then the player must press Back and B almost in unison with getting hit. If done successfully, the game will freeze briefly and Gigan will collapse, regardless of the strength of the hit, while the damage of the attack will be prevented. During the duration of his collapse, Gigan will be invincible, and will continue to be for a very short amount of time after standing back up.

Grab Attacks
Hammer Upper (Forward, Down + B)

The cyborg monster uses his hammer claw to quickly punch his held opponent skyward, sending them falling to the ground in front of him.

Jet Cutter (Back, Down, Forward + B)

With his opponent held tight, Gigan's buzzsaw begins to spin rapidly as the cyborg monster cuts his foe numerous times on the sharp blades.

Mach Jet Cutter (Up, Back, Down, Forward + B)

While holding onto his foe, Gigan quickly attacks them with his stomach-located buzzsaw, slashing them in their chest area. The move is nearly identical to his normal Jet Cutter hold, except it's done quicker and deals more damage.

Super Special Moves
Hyper Genocide (Forward, Down, Back, Forward + X)

For his special, Gigan raises his hammer claw into the air while flying across the ground in the direction of the opponent. If he connects, the cyborg monster latches onto his foe and unleash a long series of attacks, which include numerous strikes with both his claw-tipped hands and buzzsaw.

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