Biollante: Bio Monster バイオ怪獣 ビオランテ
Biollante: Bio Monster

The game's largest and slowest character, Biollante makes up for these aspects with highly damaging moves. Unfortunately, she lacks in the ranged department, but her stampede move is excellent for closing the distance for close combat. She also has trouble hitting collapsed foes. It should be noted that Biollante is the only land-based monster in the game that lacks a jump or the ability to duck.

Normal & Special Attacks
Bite (Y/X)

Biollante's normal attack, the genetic monster will reach out and bite with her giant fangs. If X is used, Biollante will bite twice with the attack: one normal and a second, lower reaching bite.

Tentacle Constriction (Hold X)

A brutal attack utilizing one of Biollante's tentacles where, after holding and releasing X for 1 second, the vine unleashes to try and grab the opponent. If successful, the tentacle will wrap around Biollante's foe and bite them numerous times before releasing. The attack can also be aimed toward the sky by holding Up.

Tentacle Throw (X during Tentacle Constriction)

An attack which requires precise timing. After performing Tentacle Constriction, right as Biollante's tentacle makes contact and is beginning to wrap the opponent's body, hitting the X button will instead cause her to lift her victim and toss them a great distance away in front of her. This can also be done to enemies caught jumping or flying.

Face Upper (Down + Y/X)

A truly devastating attack if it connects, Biollante will lower her head and then swing it in the air in an attempt to strike the opponent. If successful, the attack will deal massive damage to the opponent, although the range of the move is somewhat limited. Using Y with the attack will cause for a quicker strike, while using X will ensure that maximum damage is achieved from the move.

Hundred Fierce Tentacle Strike (Down, Down + Y)

Biollante lowers her head as one of her vines travels underground and emerges ahead of her, traveling toward her opponent as it stabs multiple times in their direction. It should be noted that, while performing the attack, Biollante can't move so she is open to counterattacks.

Mobile Biting Tentacle (Down, Down + X)

One of Biollante's fanged vines burrows under the opponent and emerges to try and constrict around her foe. The opponent must be on the ground, or nearly on the ground, for the attack to connect. If successful, the vine will wrap around the opponent and proceed to bite them multiple times. X can be held keep the tentacle underground.

Tentacle Barrier (Forward, Up + Y/X)

Biollante erects a huge tentacle barrier in front of her; holding Y or X will cause the protective shield to stay up indefinitely, although Biollante can't move during this time. After taking a certain amount of damage, the barrier will collapse, with X capable of taking more hits than Y. Unfortunately, the move isn't very practical over Biollante's normal block, with the exception of defending against specials, even though it does negate combo damage and stops both roars and grabs.

Radiation Sap (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Y/X)

Biollante rears her head back, as energy is seen coursing through her body, before unleashing a spray of her radioactive sap. While performing the attack, the player must hold down either Y or X for the spray to be discharged, and the button can be held down to extend the attack. However, there will be a larger delay afterwards.

Sap Bullet (Down, Down-Back, Back + Y/X)

A rather quick attack in contrast to Biollante's other moves, as one of her fanged vines rears and tosses a concentrated blast of radioactive sap in the opponent's direction, which explodes on impact. Using Y with the attack will cause the sap to fall almost directly in front of Biollante, while using X will cause the "bullet" to be shot to the other side of the screen.

Stampede (Hold Forward/Hold Back, A)

A vital move for the normally slow-moving Biollante, as the genetic monster will suddenly advance, either forwards or backwards (depending on the direction desired), with tremendous speed as her numerous vines quickly rush the monster.

Dash Headbutt (While running, Y/X)

Although not particularly damaging, the move is frightening none the less. While using Biollante's stampede, all the player has to do is press Y or X to have the genetic monster perform this attack. Using Y will cause the opponent to get hit back slightly, while using X will cause Biollante to latch her foe onto her head and toss them high into the air, as they eventually fall behind her.

Grab Attacks
Throw (Forward, Up + B)

Nearly identical in execution to Dash Headbutt, this move is conducted while Biollante is holding her opponent. With the foe in her grasp, she will pick them up on her head and toss them over her shoulder.

Biting Throw (Up, Back, Down, Forward, Up + B)

Biollante's most devastating normal attack, with her Hyper Radiation Sap being the only move in her arsenal that can dish out more damage, Biting Throw can only be executed while her foe is already in her grasp. When performed correctly, Biollante will lift the monster into the air in-between her jaws, and savagely thrash her head from side to side. After shaking her opponent several times, Biollante will flick her head to one side, releasing the foe from her jaws and sending them flying across the screen.

Grab Attack Substitute

Not a move Biollante can perform, but rather a special trait that activates when she herself is being grabbed. If the opponent attempts to initiate a grab attack that would lift Biollante off the ground, due to her massive weight and size, they will instead tear off a chunk of her viny body and do a set amount of damage. Biollante temporarily enters an idle state while the foe's grab attack is being performed.

Super Special Moves
Hyper Radiation Sap (Up, Back, Down, Forward + X)

Biollante's special move is broken into two parts. The first has two fanged vines emerge and approach the opponent. If the vines collide with Biollante's foe, they will unleash a stream of radiation sap (if they don't, the move ends). Following this, Biollante will open her mouth and begin firing a constant stream of sap "bullets" for a short period.

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