Anguirus: Violent Dragon 暴龍 アンギラス
Anguirus: Violent Dragon

Naturally specializing in close quarters attacks, Anguirus is the only character in the game to not feature a projectile of any sort. His speed and reach makes him excellent for comboing a series of moves, though. Also, due to his short stature, Anguirus' duck tends to be far more effective at dodging incoming projectiles.

Normal & Special Attacks
Scratch (Y)

A simple claw swipe is Anguirus' primary attack. This move can also be done while ducking for a lower trajectory, or while jumping straight up with either Y or X (with X dealing more damage, but being slower).

Backward Somersault Tail Strike (X)

In probably the fanciest of the single button attacks, Anguirus leaps backwards into the air while swinging his tail almost 180 degrees in front of him. Unfortunately, because he is jumping backwards, the attack is hard to contact with unless Anguirus is already very close to his opponent or they are jumping at him.

Tail Strike (While ducking, X)

While ducking, Anguirus will turn around and raise his tail high into the air and then slam it into the ground, damaging any foe that it might connect with. The move is very effective for injuring opponents that have collapsed.

Pounce (Diagonal Jump, Y/X)

While jumping diagonally, the player can tap either Y or X to have Anguirus lunge down to attack foes who might be below him. Using X with this move, compared with Y, will cause more damage. It should be noted that Anguirus cannot do the move while jumping diagonally backwards with Y, although X works fine.

Stampede (Hold Forward, A)

A very advantageous move, as Anguirus runs toward his opponent on all fours. Stampede works like a moving duck, as Anguirus runs low enough to avoid most projectiles, and is excellent for safely closing the distance with his ranged foes.

Avoid (Hold Back, A)

Anguirus' retreat move, Avoid will cause the carapaced monster to quickly leap backwards. The move can be done in succession, although doing it twice is often enough to get Anguirus nearly to the other side of the screen.

Revolving Tail Strike (Forward, Down, Back + Y/X)

Anguirus stands on his forearms and does a small somersault, while his tail swings in the air to strike any foe it might come in contact with. This move, with some difficulty, can also be performed while Anguirus is in midair.

Flail (While jumping, Down, Y/X)

While in midair, Anguirus turns as he flails his tail below him to damage those who might be struck by it. The move is surprisingly devastating for how easy it is to perform, and has a chance to strike the opponent twice depending on their position.

Carapace Slam (Hold Back, Forward + Y/X)

Anguirus' most powerful regular move, the Carapace Slam calls for Anguirus to move in the backwards direction for roughly 3 seconds before moving forward and quickly hitting either Y or X. If Anguirus uses X then he will deal more damage, but will fly farther back from the opponent as well. Once the move is used, it can be comboed to do successive slams by simply holding forward while rapidly tapping either Y or X.

Grab Attacks
Bite (Forward, Down + B)

After placing his opponent in a hold, Anguirus lunges forward with his jaws and proceeds to bite the juggler of his foe numerous times before they are released and fall backwards to the ground.

Throw (Forward, Up, Back + B)

After grabbing his opponent, Anguirus places them on his spiky carapace and then tosses his body back, sending his enemy flying behind him.

Super Special Moves
Diving Body Slam (Forward, Back, Down, Forward + X)

For this special move Anguirus leaps into the air and falls, spinning, at a 45 degree angle, damaging anyone he happens to hit. Upon landing, Anguirus uses his forearms to launch himself backwards to damage his opponent on his spiky carapace and tail.

Aerial Diving Body Slam (Hold A and release midair)

An easy special to pull off, Anguirus simply has to hold A for 4 seconds and then release the button while in the air to initiate the attack. The move is nearly identical to his other special, wherein he rams his body against his opponent numerous times while spinning, but is more effective as the player has more control over where on the screen Anguirus will launch himself from and that he will do the attack horizontally instead of at a 45 degree angle. Its attack power is weaker, however.

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