Alternate Colors

Every monster in the game has an alternate palette of colors associated with them, although the only time these can be seen is when both players select the same monster in VS Game. Below is a rundown of all of the alternate colorations, including the cameo appearance of Battra. In addition, some monsters also have recolored special attacks to correspond to their new colors, such as alternate color Mothra having pink scales and beams instead of yellow ones. It should be noted that when Mechagodzilla (New) and Super Mechagodzilla appear in battle against one another, Player 1 will be the default color yet Player 2 will be the alternate color.

Godzilla Anguirus
Gotengo King Ghidorah
Gigan Megalon
Mechagodzilla (Old) Biollante
Mothra Mechagodzilla (New)
Super Mechagodzilla Battra
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