Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [Nintendo]

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [Nintendo]


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
    Advance Communication Company
  • # of Players:
    Single player
  • Japanese Title:
  • Release:
    1988 (Japan)
    1989 (US)
  • System:




"Dr. Jekyll has been researching the human mind, and has found that it contains two opposite elements: Good and Evil. After years of experimentation, Dr. Jekyll succeeds in creating a potion which separates these two elements of the personality... and decides to test the potion on himself! When he does, the normally kind and intelligent Dr. Jekyll is transformed into the brutal and savage Mr. Hyde.

The good Dr. Jekyll soon has difficulty controlling his transformations in the evil Mr. Hyde, and he finds that the two sides of his personality are in conflict for control of his mind."

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