The Visitor ザ·ビジター

The Visitor
The Visitor

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Powers / Weapons

Elongated mouth; four hooked claw appendages; Brainspasm; digging ability; nigh-indestructable skeletal structure


Godzilla: Unleashed [Wii] (2007)


No Sound


The Visitor hails from a harsh, mountainous, extraterrestrial planet, where it was eventually captured by the malevolent Vortaak aliens in an effort to do their bidding. The Visitor was one of four original monsters that appeared in a 2007 online roster vote on IGN, its competition consisting of Magmouth, Firelion, and Lightning Bug. The readers' poll was used to determine who would become a playable character in the then-upcoming Nintendo Wii version of Godzilla: Unleashed. The alien monster's page also included a short bio:

"In their bid to retake earth, the Vortaak aliens have conscripted a new secret weapon into their arsenal of monsters. The Visitor is feral alien creature captured from its home planet by the Vortaak with the intent of turning it loose on mankind."

Despite a fairly strong following, the Visitor wound up in 3rd place, outvoted by Firelion and the poll-winning Magmouth, who would later become known as Obsidius.