Dogolas ドゴラス [Video Games]


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Godzilla Movie Studio Tour (1996)

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Appearing in only one of the in-game terminals, Dogolas is featured alongside Godzilla and Bagan in the Publicity Dep. where players can create mock movie posters, utilizing given titles and a variety of different poses and still shots of the monsters. One title includes "Godzilla VS. Dogolas" for the aforementioned kaiju. Once completed, the custom poster can then be printed.

Powers / Weapons


There is no hint in the game about any of Dogolas' powers, so anything related to this is unconfirmed. Visually, though, it looks like the creature might have at least been able to fly, although it's always possible it was intended to be water based as well.

Background and Trivia
  • Outside of its appearance in Godzilla Movie Studio Tour, very little is known about Dogolas. Whether it was intended to appear in a film or was exclusively made for the game remains a mystery.
  • Was designed by Minoru Yoshida, one of Toho's chief designers during the Heisei era.
  • In the end credits of the English version of Godzilla Movie Studio Tour, Dogolas is mistakenly referred to as "DOGORAS".
  • Nearly all pictures of Dogolas in the game are gif-like images saved with less than 128 colors. The full gallery of turnaround images can be viewed here.
  • No sound effect for Dogolas appears in the CD-Rom title.
  • The model for Dogolas that appears in the game was a figure created by toy company Kaiyodo Co., Ltd., who is also responsible for such toy lines as Revoltech. However, this figure was never released for consumers.
  • Its name is not listed in the Japanese version of Godzilla Movie Studio Tour, with Gigamoth present instead. It appears Dogolas replaced Gigamoth sometime during development, but the devs neglected to swap out Gigamoth's name. It is possible Dogolas could have started out as a reworked concept of Gigamoth, as the latter has had a number of radically different concept designs, including appearing as a thin dragonfly, a shelled caterpillar, and a large horned bird.