City Shrouded in Shadow [Playstation 4]
Game Specifics
From Granzella / Bandai Namco

City Shrouded in Shadow [Playstation 4]


City Shrouded in Shadow

  • Publisher:
    Bandai Namco
  • Developer:
  • Number of Players:
    Single player
  • Japanese Title:
  • Release:
    2017 (Japan)
  • System:
    Playstation 4




"This is not the story of some hero. This is your story."

On your way to a park in Japan to meet a girl, the city is suddenly thrown into chaos by the appearance of giant monsters. As you rendezvous with her, you run afoul of some gangsters who decide to give chase. Now you must avoid them as more and more kaiju lay siege to areas across Japan.