Level 1

Tim's introduction to the hellish world of Circus Caper, where Mr. Magic's numerous henchmen are more then willing to sacrifice their own lives if it means thwarting the young boy's mission. This first stage has Tim doing battle with knife wielding clowns, flying clown heads, and alligators. Overall, this section is, far and away, the hardest part of the game.

Level 1 - Stage 2

The first level of the game is the only one to feature two stages, and if the player dies in the second one then it's back to the very start of the game. Anyway, this stage sees Tim equipped with a rocket pack, which allows for very limited flying if the player repeatedly taps jump. Cannons, balloons, and clowns with rocket packs make up the young boy's foes for this portion of the game.

Level 2

Having secured his first key, Tim travels to the top of the circus to do battle with numerous tightrope walkers and blue gorillas with sunglasses. As expected, this level features a lot of pits, and is quite long.

Level 3

Circus Caper's third level is a maze, where the pots of flower are used to teleport between three rooms (although the game gives no hint that this is what the player is supposed to do). This level can be incredibly difficult the first time it's played, unless the player knows what to look for. For the first room, use this flower to teleport to the pink room, then venture to the far right in the pink room (after using a brick to clear the tall stack of boxes) to the spider flower.

Level 4

The next level sees Tim enter the lion's cage, although, surprisingly, most of this section's enemies are pigmy elephants (which require a low kick to defeat) and birds.

Level 5

For the fifth level it seems that the big top has been reduced to a blazing inferno, as clowns, partially consumed by flames, run around. Overall, the level is pretty straight forward, excluding a couple of jumps that require the brick be used, and the number of enemies coming at the player is noticeably less than most other portions of the game.

Level 6

The last level in the game, and Mr. Magic's lair, is designed like a maze. Only one door will lead to the exit, and it's easy to get lost if a wrong step is taken, as the player can't backtrack through the entrances. However, the exit is easy to locate if one knows the way. First, after passing the corridor, go to the far right door and enter. In the next room, once again go to the far right door and enter. Finally, again go to the far right door and the Fairy will greet you as it's boss time.

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