Publisher: Toho
Developer: Toho
Release: 1990



A lethal and simplistic weapon, the hammer is quickly tossed across the screen, horizontally, as it will damage any enemy it comes in contact with.

Soccer Ball

The soccer ball works like the hammer, except it's slower and travels across the ground, so it's unwise to utilize it near a ledge.


The only non-offensive item, the brick is used to create another step, and can be placed at any height. The item is incredibly useful for clearing some of the game's more difficult jumps, while it's also required for certain portions of the game. The brick will eventually disappear, though, so it's best to use it quickly.


Using the bomb item will cause every enemy on screen to die the second the explosive touches the ground. The bomb has no effect against bosses.


When Tim uses the Yo-Yo, the toy will encircle him briefly, damaging any opponent who might come in range. Because the toy can hit enemies numerous times while in range, the Yo-Yo is often the weapon of choice against bosses.


Stage Skip

Circus Caper is notoriously hard, luckily, though, some lazy programming has left in a trick to skip the current stage/level. To perform this, the player first must have the "brick" item. Next, backtrack to the start of the area and place the brick near the middle of the screen, vertically. Now jump on the brick and then to the upper most left of the screen, over the "invisible wall". Doing this will fool the game into thinking that the player has used the area's exit.
This trick does not work on Stage 2 and Level 6.

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