Fire Skip

Located in the first and fifth levels of Circus Caper, the "Fire Skip" game sees Tim and a bear try to leap over two spires of moving flames. The game is ended when you, or the bear, touch one of the flames or when the 90 second timer reaches 0. The bear will leap, in unison, with Tim.

A point is scored whenever the flames are successfully jumped over.


Located in the second level, the "Driving" mini-game has Tim take the wheel of a car as the young boy drives down a road at blistering speeds, while trying to avoid boulders which will slow him down. The car increases in speed rapidly, making navigating hard when the top speeds are reached.

Points are scored every time a orange or red star is hit, both of which give the same number of points: 1. The game lasts for 60 seconds.

Rodan Target Practice

Without question, the "Rodan Target Practice" is the hardest of the mini-games found in Circus Caper. Located in the fourth level, this game sees Tim throwing balls at, moving, Rodan shaped sculptures.

Points are scored every time the golden Rodan is hit, but Tim loses a point every time he hits a blue Rodan figure. The game lasts for 60 seconds.

Godzilla Exercises

Located in the fifth level (in the 3rd and last doors), "Godzilla Exercises" is mind numbingly easy. The game has only a 10 second timer, as the player has to tap A as quickly as possible, causing Godzilla to exercise and scoring a point every time the button is pressed.

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