This section takes a more tongue and cheek look at some of the more "memorable" scenes or dialogue showcased in Circus Caper. The bulk of the comments were provided by the site's forum users.


Commentary #1

Arbok: I can almost hear Ishiro Honda doing a cartwheel in his grave.
Vega: What happens at the Circus stays at the Circus.
Decimator: The answer: None. It is impossible to go to the bathroom without the essential body cavities.
Tomzilla: How Minilla was born...
Spinzilla: Is that some kind of porno reference?
MeWantFudgeSickle: I'm more concerned as to whether or not he can keep it PG.

Commentary #2

Arbok: With advice like this, I'm amazed Tim made it this far…
Echo: Uh oh, the Legend of Zelda fairy got drunk with Ganon again.
: This begs the question: is the Fairy really on Tim's side?
baragon2003: Tim made it to the last level, but apparently failed to make it past kindergarten.
Decimator: If there was ever any doubt about how intelligent the Japanese think their American audience is, it's been put to rest.
Mojira: Most useful piece of information I've heard all day!

Commentary #3

Vega: So, let me get this straight, the only minion in Mr. Magic's gang who isn't a vicious killer is the Tiger...
Monster Master: Even Tony the Tiger had some career problems...
CDZ: ...Why are you blushing?
Shadowgigan: Hahahahaha! Wait...you're serious?
Mojira: No homosexual undertone there! No siree!
Ghost the Bat: "Rawr" ^_^
Jigen32: Look I only have one ear.

Commentary #4

Arbok: I think Mr. Magic needs to reexamine his priorities if he is willing to endanger his entire organization for the sake of a dart board with built in sound effects...
Jabberwock: Tim sure looks happy about that. He must have gotten a few ideas.
Spinzilla: I guess me and Mr. Magic share some hobby interests.
Vega: It's all coming together now! Mr. Magic's master plan was... um...
Mojira: For a bunch of carnies, their aim sucks ass.
Ghost the Bat: So that's why your lower half is missing...
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