End Level Bosses

Sack Clown (Level 1)

The monstrous Sack Clown marks Tim's first boss battle in the game. The creature is mostly immobile, only able to slither about on his small perch with his shrunken limbs, as he tosses out numerous balls as its only source of attack. Luckily, Tim should have no trouble with this boss, as coming up and simply punching repeatedly will defeat the Sack Clown, as he will remain in a stunned state after each punch.

Tightrope Dancer (Level 2)

The Tightrope Dancer wields a sword, as he attempts to cleave poor Tim while tossing rings out simultaneously. There is a platform that Tim can get on in the middle of the stage, using a brick, but the best strategy is to use the yo-yo and get in range (although not close enough to punch). If the player doesn't have any more Yo-Yo ammo left, then the soccer ball or hammer should be used, followed by punching as a last resort.

White Tiger (Level 3)

Tim's "battle" with the White Tiger is vastly different from any other boss confrontation in the game. Instead of fighting, the tiger declares a "Teriyaki Battle" with the young boy, as the two try to gorge themselves to see who will win. For this confrontation, the player has to quickly devour pieces of meat, as they appear on the plate, before the tiger does. Nabbing a piece of meat is worth 1 point, while a bone deducts 1 point. Tim wins if he scores more than the tiger.

Lion Trainer (Level 4)

The Lion Tamer walks around the stage, cracking his whip which will damage Tim if he is on the standing on a surface (either the ground or a brick). The same strategy that was used on the Tightrope Dancer, with the yo-yo, should be utilized here.

Bear on the Ball (Level 5)

The bear lands in the stage and quickly begins to spin across the arena, damaging Tim if he should come in contact. The best strategy here is to attack with soccer balls or hammers, although, if Tim has enough life, going in with the yo-yo works too. Occasionally, the bear will stop spinning and begin to emit fireball-like blasts at the player.

Boxing Kangaroo (Level 6)

The first adversary for Tim in level 6 is a boxing kangaroo. This fight isn't like most of the other boss battles, though, as Tim and the kangaroo quickly try to punch red balls that fall from the ceiling to see who can destroy the most. If you score more than the kangaroo, then your life refills, otherwise nothing happens. Following this battle is a rematch with all of the previous bosses (except the White Tiger), while each has only two hits.

Mr. Magic (Level 6)

After defeating all of the bosses for a second time, Mr. Magic himself will appear to duke it out with the young boy. The magician spends the entire fight flying, and is even able to pass through the floor as needed. His main attack is to toss 4 cards out. Using the Yo-Yo is the boy's best bet for victory, although he has to get in close range and staying alive is difficult as Mr. Magic has a huge amount of health and continues to toss cards while stunned.

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