Title: The Justirisers Premiere: October 2nd, 2004
Total Episodes: 51 Finale: September 24th, 2005
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Also known as Phantom Star God Justirisers, which is the full Japanese title, The Justirisers is the follow up show to Toho's successful The Gransazers, and is the second entry in the "Super Star God" series. Like its predecessor, the show was joint venture, this time being produced by Toho and TV Tokyo, the latter of which also aired the program. Once again, Koichi Kawakita handled the special effects of the production, while a multitude of directors took charge of the episodes, including Okihiro Yoneda who previously directed Rebirth of Mothra (1996) and Rebirth of Mothra III (1998).

The show's story begins four and a half centuries before modern time, as a space battle between the Riser Seijin and Kaiser Hadess is taking place above feudal Japan. The conflict causes Kaiser Hadess and Nolun to come crashing down to Earth, sealing Hadess in the process. Nolun, knowing that the warlord could rise again, bestows several items to Earth for future warriors to use to battle Kaiser Hadess' forces. Much later, in the year 2004, the Hadess Army has landed on Earth in a bid to free their leader and crush the planet. The invasion awakens Nolun's gifts as the Justirisers are born from civilians Date Shouto, Sanada Yuka and Hiraga Shinya as the trio must face off against the alien invaders for the sake of Earth.

The program would be followed up by the show Super Fleet Sazer-X, another entry in the "Super Star God" series, while the characters would reappear for the 2005 feature Super Fleet Sazer-X the Movie: Fight! Soldiers.

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