UX-01 Garuda and Mechagodzilla Effects Pack: SH MonsterArts
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
Company: Bandai / Tamashi Nations
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2012 Height: 4 centimeters
Andrew Nguyen (submission)

When Tamashii Nations released S.H. MonsterArts Mechagodzilla in 2011, the lack of extras puzzled some customers. The figure only contained its mega-buster ray when there were many more possibilities. Speculation emerged among fans that Garuda would be its own separate release. That proved true with the release in early 2012 of the Garuda effects pack through Tamashii Nations's online site.

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If there is one extra pack release that was vital, this is it as it truly completes Mechagodzilla. Considering that Mechagodzilla was a regular release, this one probably should have been too. While many thought Garuda should have been included with Mechagodzilla, it's understandable that it wasn't. The price of the combined figures, particularly with the S.H. MonsterArts line just starting out, probably would have been cost prohibitive had they been combined together.

The solution was to give Garuda its own release. The Garuda effects pack includes the titular ship along with effects parts for Garuda's energy weapons. It also includes parts to allow it to attach to Mechagodzilla. A base stand is also present to simulate the Garuda flying on its own. Finally, it comes with two shock anchors that are mounted to Mechagodzilla's arms to simulate the use of the weapon to electrocute Godzilla.

Firing Beams

As the Garuda is a flying warship, articulation is not that important. It only needs to do one thing in this regard: be able to attach to Mechagodzilla. When it undergoes such a procedure, the ship can swing its two main cannons 90 degrees while it cockpit moves backward. Please note, though, at times it requires a bit of force to move it so you can link the two. Also surprisingly, as this does not happen in the movie, the engines of the Garuda are also capable of movement.

When the Garuda attaches to Mechagodzilla, it can make the figure top heavy at times. However, the figure can stand mostly upright with the Garuda attached if one adjusts Mechagodzilla's legs.

Box View

On the look of the Garuda, it is very accurate with its movie counterpart and the level of detail is impressive. While perhaps they could have added a few more details, it is a minor quibble as the overall design and look of the machine is excellent. It matches the look of its onscreen appearance quite well, from the representation of details to the coloring.

Overall, like the Effects & Toho Special Super Weapons Set for Godzilla Exclusive pack, the Garuda has been out of print for years. The set is now very difficult to find. Furthermore, this along with the Toho special effects pack was not readily available in America. It is perhaps best to wait for a potential re-release instead of searching out for it on websites such as eBay, which charges for an exceptional amount of money. Of course that depends on whether they will do another production run of the Heisei Mechagodzilla.

Rating: Star Rating