Ultimate Godzilla
Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1999 Height: 46 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Massive. Gigantic. Huge. These are all words that one can use when describing the obnoxiously large Ultimate Godzilla figure. Rumor has it that only 50,000 of these massive figures were produced, and with that said, I am now ashamed to have ever taken it out of its box. This figure could very well be worth a pretty penny in the coming decades. Even if that rumor holds false, it still wouldn't come as any surprise to see this grow in value. Despite what one feels about the monster or its movie, this particular release, if one ever gets a chance to, deserves to be drawn into anyone's collection.

Back View

Standing at over a foot tall and over two feet in length, this is one big toy. Being so big, however, doesn't limit its play value. While the head can't rotate, its arms, legs, and tail can. Surprisingly, for such a large release, it also isn't hard to get Godzilla to stand. This monster was made to fight off the human action figures of the movie, along with the weapons such as the helicopter and fighter jet that were also released. I don't have any of the above to show scale, but I will say this: the figures (roughly four inches in height) are capable of being gulped down into Godzilla's maw... literally!

Yes, that's right. Godzilla can eat people. A section of his back can be lifted up to remove the devoured humans. Not only does Godzilla eat stuff, he roars. And it is a very, very loud roar. Set this roar off and you'll turn every head in the room. Thankfully, the roar IS the actual Godzilla roar from the movie and sounds positively awesome when set off.

Head Shot

If you're thinking how he looks when next to other Godzilla toys, Trendmasters or Bandai... he looks like a king. At this time, the Ultimate Godzilla is my largest figure, so you can forget about scale, even with the eight inch Bandais and ten inch Trendmasters. Detail wise, Godzilla is superb. Dozens of spines adorn his back and his entire frame is covered in vast amounts of detail to show off what the movie, most of the time, couldn't. A difference in design for the Ultimate Godzilla is that the eyes, while in the movie had pupils and such, are orange, giving him a gnarly, evil-looking glare when looked at from any direction.

Side View

While this is an awesome toy, there are some complaints. While nothing is done overly wrong, the feet of Godzilla seem a bit small. Another small fault is the insides of the mouth. While he sports a tongue that's molded to the bottom jaw and ridges on the top jaw, that's it. He has no real detail inside his mouth, and the choice of color for the insides is also rather bad. You would think Godzilla would have a darker mouth, but instead we find him an almost white one.

A hilarious aspect, while not for the toy itself, is the box he was shipped in. While I can't give you an image of the box, I can describe it. Godzilla fought a legion of helicopters (taking multiple missile shots and roaring) as New York City burned around him. I am pretty sure that if anything like that happened in the feature film, it wouldn't receive so much hate as it did and still does. Another note is that, while most figures came pre-assembled, Ultimate Godzilla didn't. His arms, legs, and tail all need popped into place.

In the end, Ultimate Godzilla is one beast of a toy. He is, quite literally, the biggest of them all when it comes to my own collection. At the time of its release, this toy sported a hefty $50 price, and I'm sure it has only gone up as time went on. Hardcore fans who don't bare a massive hatred for the 1998 movie might just want to try and get hold of one. He is worth it.

Rating: Star Rating