Toy: Super SpaceGodzilla Variant (Mondo)



Super SpaceGodzilla Variant

English Toy Title

Mondo SpaceGodzilla Soft Vinyl - Super SpaceGodzilla Variant




24 centimeters
25 centimeters


Super Godzilla



By: Joshua Sudomerski

One of several surprise releases on Godzilla Day in 2023, this particular Mondo variant is colored after the monster SpaceGodzilla was originally sourced from: Super Godzilla, from the 1993 game of the same name! Let's get into the details.


This behemoth of a vinyl figure is wonderfully sculpted, with the face harboring an evil glare and cartoonishly toothy grin. The skin all around the body has some sort of texture, whether bumps or thin lines. Even the strange Biollante-esque belly texture is present on the navel area. The only parts lacking additional detail are the crystals themselves found on the spines, tail and shoulders, but this is somewhat made up for in the paint department.

Probably the most off-putting aspect of the figure is its sheer size, standing 24 centimeters or roughly 9.5 inches tall, with a length of 25 centimeters or around 10 inches. It's fortunately extremely lightweight, so being able to move it or reposition it isn't at all troublesome, but unless this is your shelf's centerpiece, good luck being able to have anything else stand out around it!


Instead of being a complete statue, this figure actually has mild articulation in its arms, legs and tail. The hands can rotate from left to right near the elbows, stopped only by the rest of the body. The same goes for the legs, being able to kick forward or backward at the hip in what would probably be a full 360 degree rotation if not for the arms and shoulders being in the way. Lastly, the tail has the most dynamic function out of all the movable parts with two points of articulation, the first found near the base and the second about seven sections from the tip of the tail, both being able to fully rotate in place. The tail being tilted or even laying flat against the ground off to one side honestly looks pretty cool.


No accessories are present with this release. The closest thing is the figure's box, which just recycles the Mondo SpaceGodzilla box art.


One of the highlights of the figure - and also one of its downsides. The basic color scheme of Super Godzilla is perfectly captured on this release, with the piercing red eyes, lime green found on the chest and tips of the spines, and plum purple skin with silver teeth, mandibles and claws. There is also a satisfying gloss effect on the body, which helps all the small skin details pop under the dimmest of light sources, making this figure's sculpted detail stand out no matter which way it is angled.

However, the purple and green colors widely applied to the body come across as somewhat... flat. It's missing just an extra shade of green or purple to truly make it even more attractive to the eye. At the very least, the green applied to the tops of the shoulder crystals is a nice touch. The bottom of the tail and the throat have highlights of green also not found on the original Super Godzilla sprites, but grant a pleasant, subtle flair on this recolor. Having a similar green-to-purple gradient fadeout on the chest and even spines would have been ideal. Perhaps a lighter shade of green on the pecs and spines, fading into the lime green currently present on the figure, then further fading into the body's dark purple.


Despite being just a bit too basic in color, this "Super" variant of Mondo's SpaceGodzilla has a ton of wonderful details and carries a sort of novelty due to the source material it references. Sadly, the giant size and just as hefty price tag make it somewhat of a difficult recommendation for the casual collector. For fans of either SpaceGodzilla or Super Godzilla (or both), as long as you are able to make room on your shelf, then this is an easier endorsement. The initial release of this figure sold out within 30 minutes of appearing online, and another run went live on the official US Godzilla store a few months later. Hopefully this bodes well for the Super King, but only time will tell.

**Below are bonus images of the figure and the box.**

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