Super Dragon King Ghidorah
Version Source
 Rebirth of Mothra III
Company: Bandai
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1998 Height: 30 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Of all the kaiju ever made by Toho, one stands out as my absolute favorite. Shockingly it isn't the monster king Godzilla, but instead a variation of his famous nemesis. Sadly this version of Ghidorah never faced the mutant, but instead was stuck in a kid-friendly film titled Rebirth of Mothra III (1998) . Yes, that is right, my favorite kaiju of all time happens to be Grand King Ghidorah. Maybe it was his ruthlessness that made him by favorite, or his simply stunning design, but whatever it was, it just clicked with me. At G-Fest X, I managed to get hold of the best available figure of my favorite kaiju, and this figure did not fail me in any way. Unlike other figures from Bandai, Grand Ghidorah was placed in a cardboard box that, thankfully, I saved and is pictured behind the figure.

Side View

The figure of the three-headed monster is, strangely, called Super Dragon King Ghidorah, or Super Dragon Monster: King Ghidorah if one is completely literal in the translation. Possibly this was an early name for the character, since the toy would have to have gone into production well before the movie's release, or perhaps Bandai just prefered this title for the character. Either one is possible, and Bandai has coined their own names before, such as "Bio-Biollante" for that creature's second mutation. Regardless, the figure stands at about a foot tall, making it tower over nearly every other Bandai figure released for Toho's properties, and also having him stand out like a sore thumb when put in the same area as other Bandais. Thankfully the company did release a few other figures his size, but none happen to be any of the kaiju from his movie. The figure's length could also become an issue for it cannot fit in a basic shelf without extending a bit off the sides, and its massive wingspan can easily force other kaiju to the side.

Back View

The three-headed space dragon features gorgeous detail, but this is nothing new for the Bandai world of kaiju toys. The figure's scales give the alien beast a nice texture like its movie counterpart's. The wings, unlike other monsters released by Bandai, need to be attached to the figure. The toy comes with directions, but they are in Japanese. Fortunately for us English-only collectors, it isn't hard to figure out. Ghidorah's heads is where some of the best detail lies on the beast. Every head is crowned with its horns while the rest of the heads show off the same small details that the movie monster showed. Even the kaiju's eyes are detailed just right with orange, yellow, and black. The insides of this release's mouth are also detailed fully with ridges on the top jaw. Furthermore, the tails of the hydra end in the infamous ball of spikes that he had in the third Mothra film.

Like all other Bandai figures, Grand King Ghidorah also has movable parts. All three of its necks rotate, allowing it to look in any direction. The heads can also move in the same manor. The tails can also move, although as a single piece. The wings are also given some movement, but not the same level of directionality as the heads.

When it comes to impressive figures, Grand King Ghidorah is one of the best. Its high level of detail, as said, is simply awesome to look at and is a very faithful representation of the movie inspiration. In the end, this figure gains the highest rank I can give. There is simply not a single thing about it that I can complain about besides it never being released in the borders of the United States.

Rating: Star Rating