Toy: SpaceGodzilla (Trendmasters)



English Toy Title

(Original) Godzilla Wars Monster Action Figure SpaceGodzilla / (Repaint) Godzilla Wars 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition SpaceGodzilla


Trading Card/None


11 centimeters/11 centimeters


Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla / N/A



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Yet another of Trendmasters smaller figures, SpaceGodzilla was introduced in 1995’s Godzilla Wars line of toys. Like other figures of this line, you could acquire this little guy in a number of means, including versus two packs and the 40th anniversary set. Additionally, SpaceGodzilla was also given a unique paint scheme for a limited edition anniversary set as well.

Like I did with the likes of Biollante, I’m just going to take another quick trip down memory lane and remember back when I was a kid, totally unaware that SpaceGodzilla was a legit monster in the film series. At the time of its release, Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla had yet to debut in America and my imagination went wild, thinking the crystals on his body were actually ice. It wasn’t until my family and I came across an issue of G-Fan with images of Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla that we discovered the monster wasn’t just made for the toy line and was actually part of the franchise.


I believe SpaceGodzilla may be one of the better figures of this toy. It stands pretty tall compared to others and the tail’s length is very nice, even if posed weird. The body is made of a hard vinyl or rubber with the tail being softer and bendy, able to be pulled and flexed compared to most other tails in the line. The sculpt detail here is very nice with every part of its body covered in bumps and ridges, while the crystals are clean and smooth. The amount of crystals spines sculpted on its back show the care and attention to detail Trendmasters had with this release, blowing most of their other toys in this line out of the water.

As I mentioned, the tail is posed awkwardly and held up against his back. This was no doubt done to conserve packaging space since SpaceGodzilla’s tail is notoriously long. However, I do wonder why they couldn’t have done a similar set up like they did with King and Mecha-King Ghidorah where you’d have to pop the tail into place once removing it from its packaging.


SpaceGodzilla features no articulation, but his tail is very bendy.


Depending on how you acquired this toy, you got a trading card with him. Sadly, because I only got it through the 40th anniversary set, I do not have this card to show.


For the basic release, SpaceGodzilla is molded in blue with his crystals, claws, tusks and teeth painted a clean shade of white. The rest of his color scheme seems to be based on the artwork poster for the film, highlighting the reds and yellows on SpaceGodzilla’s chest, stomach and crown. Where the yellow paint is applied, it seems to have gently washed over some of the blue, turning it into a greenish tint that looks very nice as it transitions into a stronger yellow and then into red. His eyes are a blood shot red.

The special color variation is more nightmarish in appearance. It’s sculpted in black with the tusks, teeth and claws painted white. However, now his crystals are a deep shade of red. His eyes remain red as well while the chest and stomach are also a lot redder in color, with just a bit of yellow around the edges.  The crown’s colors remain relatively the same.

The only downside I can really note about both versions’ paint is the spray across the tail. Instead of painting the crystals running down it, they just applied a quick spray of paint that turned the crystals and the skin on the upper side of the tail white/red.


One of my favorite releases of this line and my first introduction to the character, the Trendmasters SpaceGodzilla holds a very special place in my fandom heart. I used to have many of these somehow when I was a kid and had to recently replace my last remaining one. It’s not the best SpaceGodzilla figure in a long shot, but its easily one of the best 4.5 inch Trendmasters Godzilla toys they released.

**Below are several bonus images of the figure and its collector's edition repaint.**

Rating: Star Rating