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Classic Playmates Toys: SpaceGodzilla




Playmates Toys
17 centimeters


Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Just days after I wrote up the Gigan review, and on a trip to Wal-Mart for some stuff to make tacos, what do I find? Well, I stumbled across the Playmates SpaceGodzilla. Still no sign of the Shin Godzilla, however. Now I’m sure we’ve all seen the images online of this guy. At this point, the face alone has become a meme. But surely, it can’t be that bad… can it? It has to have some redeeming qualities… right?



Well, starting off easy, SpaceGodzilla stands at a decent seven and three quarters inches tall, so he fits right in with your standard Bandais and such. So there’s your positive. Now get ready to go down hill and fast.

The primary body and legs are molded in plastic with the crystal spines and feet molded in what feels like either soft rubber or vinyl. The second half of the tail appears to be made of this same material, but seems a bit sturdier. This, however, could come from it being a bigger piece in general. The head and arms seem to be made of a pretty hard vinyl.

Another bit I will say I like about this figure (and this really is the last) is the length of its tail, which is nice and long as it should be.

So how about details… Yeah… Remember Destoroyah’s problem with lack of detail? Well, it’s obnoxiously present here too. All together, the figure just feels way too smooth with no real deep bumps or scales molded into its body. The tail is a little bit better and if the same amount of detailing, even as miniscule as it is, would have been applied to the torso and limbs, it could have maybe saved this figure.

I want to make mention of SpaceGodzilla’s pose here as well. Because, like others in this line, at first glance it appears to be a straight up remold of an older toy. However, this is not the case and SpaceGodzilla is molded in a different stance with his tail different and even his legs different, with one leg ahead of the other in its default stance.


Well, of all six inch SpaceGodzilla’s I own, the articulation on this guy is just plain weird. You have your typical head rotation and the arms can move a little bit from side to side. The legs can rotate around and now this is where it gets weird. For some reason, someone at Playmates looked at SpaceGodzilla, one of the most immobile monsters of the entire franchise when on the ground and said “Hey, let’s go ahead and make his feet rotate.”

So they did.

SpaceGodzilla’s feet can rotate a full 360 degrees. Why? I have no idea and I really don’t see why anyone will use this. Finally, the second part of the tail needs attached to its body and once done, that part can rotate a full 360 as well.




Face Close Up
Face Close Up

Oooooooh boy. Here we go. We’ll save the best part (or worst part, depending on your view here) for last. So SpaceGodzilla sports a REALLY lame and lazy color paint job here. He’s molded in black with his chest/stomach area painted cleanly in a salmon color with no extra shading. His crystals on his back are all a bright, flawless white and run down to the tail and just… stop. Before the mid-section of the tail, all paint just ceases to exist until the very tip. SpaceGodzilla’s thagomizer of crystals is painted, but without the others on the tail, it just looks weird.

His claws are painted a shade of gray and his shoulder crystals actually have some attempt at shading as the dark color of the body gradually turns into the white of his crystals, almost in a purplish color. However, it’s still a very simple color scheme compared to other figures.

Now the best (or worst) part… the face.

Oh my God, the face. So SpaceGodzilla’s crown is painted a typical yellow and his eyes a pumpkin orange. He does have some black pupils in there and while mine aren’t really off, I’ve seen a fair share of pictures with SpaceGodzilla’s eyes looking in all sorts of directions. Inside of his mouth, surprisingly, his tongue is painted a deep red. And then the tusks and teeth happen… SpaceGodzilla’s teeth are painted in one solid, horrendously applied stripe of white across the top jaw. The lower jaw isn’t much better, but at least the teeth have points. The top… Nope. Just a solid rectangle of white across SpaceGodzilla’s gums. Worse yet, if you look close, you can see traces of sculpt detail for teeth to be better painted! The tusks are done decently, but with the mouth looking like worse than a cheap bootleg from China… I just can’t even.


Avoid. This is bad. This figure offers no redeeming value what’s so ever. The Bandai Japan and Bandai Creation figures aren’t the highlights of their lines either, but they are leagues better than this. I don’t know how Playmates could look at this figure and say “put it out into the market.” Even when compared to similarly priced kid’s toys, this falls flat. The Destoroyah, which also got a negative review from me, at least was a bit different with its wings offering something new to a cheap figure. This… This is just horrible.

I award this a mighty 0.25※, I think a first in this site’s history, if only for its scaling and lengthy tail.

If you REALLY want a six inch, cheap SpaceGodzilla toy and can’t find the Bandai or Bandai Creation releases, order a bootleg from China. Trust me, it looks better than this trash.

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