Toy: Shin Godzilla (SEGA) Name
Shin Godzilla
Version Source
 Shin Godzilla
Company: SEGA
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2016 Height: 13 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Ah, Shin Godzilla. I can’t think of a single Godzilla movie that has created such a rift in the fandom. Oh wait, yes I can. Every movie since 2001’s GMK! Now, with that said, let’s move on. What we have here is yet another piece of merchandise for the latest film: 2016's Godzilla Resurgence (AKA: Shin Godzilla). This particular release isn’t your standard “walk in a store and buy it” one like traditional figures. Instead, this figure was a prize in Japanese claw machines. Now, for those of us not fortunate to live in Japan, you can buy this from a handful of venders and online stores. He typically goes for around $35-$45, depending on where you go. However, the price has been climbing a bit so if you want one now, you might want to hurry up before we go full ahead with the animated Godzilla hype train.


Close-Up View

This figure stands a hair above five inches, making it smaller than Bandai figures. It also lacks any sort of articulation, making it a small statue in that regard. The figure comes in a red box and the tail will have to be assembled once you remove it from its cardboard prison. This is a pretty easy thing to do. You will also note that this guy has a pretty decent weight to it and outweighs Bandai figures despite being a much smaller item. It is cast in a pretty hard vinyl. While this guy does lack articulation, it really shines when it comes to sculpt detail. This thing is beautiful for its size, easily blowing the Bandai 6” figure out of the water and into orbit. If there is any flaws with the sculpt here, it would have to be its teeth. While they do look good, they don’t have the needle-like, uneven look the monster had in the film. Instead, they appear to be your run of the mill, triangular teeth of your everyday movie monster. Even the tail is very nicely sculpted and detailed, but you can’t make out the infamous set of jaws that are within the tip, sadly.


Back View

As for accessories, Shin Godzilla really doesn’t have any unless you want to count his small black stand. Shin Godzilla can’t really stand on his own and is off balance due to his extremely long and curved tail, thus Sega gave us a black stand with two pegs in it that allows the monster to stand without falling. Additionally, they gave us a tail stand which I imagine is to prevent tail sag and break over extended periods of time.



Shin Godzilla has no articulation to speak of, sadly.


Tail Detail

As I said earlier, Shin Godzilla’s paint job does look pretty good. The spines and tail look absolutely astounding considering its smaller size. I do feel the claws on his feet and hands could have been a darker color, but at least there’s no paint slop. The eyes look creepy and the teeth look nice (though sculpted wrong). I do feel there could be a bit more red wash across his front and sides as well, but there is some color there between the details. It surely doesn’t look as lazily done as the Bandai one.


Size Comparison

If you want a better figure than Bandai’s for this particular release, here’s your guy. He’s a tad more expensive and not nearly as tall. However, he does scale very well with the older Ultimate Monsters line opposed to Bandai’s 6” line of figures. Without any articulation, you don’t have to worry about posing it and it could make a wonderful (though expensive) paperweight for an office worker. It looks pretty good on its own or surrounded by other figures. I can only hope Sega will release more figures of Godzilla and other kaiju like this in the future. It should also be noted that Sega has recently announced a reissue of this particular sculpt, but with a purple color scheme replicating Godzilla’s look while charging his Atomic Breath. If it wasn’t for the off teeth and claws, I feel this could have been a perfect figure of 2016’s King of the Monsters.

Rating: Star Rating