Toy: Shin Godzilla (Bandai) Name
 Shin Godzilla
Version Source
 Shin Godzilla
Company: Bandai
Extras: Attached Tag
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2016 Height: 17 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

As of me writing this, I haven’t even had this figure for 24 hours yet. This is a completely new figure for a completely new iteration of the King of the Monsters. Godzilla 2016, or Shin Godzilla as he’s become well known as, is a very unique take on the character. Personal opinions on its design aside, does it translate well into the Bandai 6 inch Movie Monster Series? Time to find out.


Side View

Standing just a hair under seven inches and nearly ten inches long, Shin Godzilla is molded completely in dark, soft vinyl. It is one of the lengthiest of figures in the line and one of the tallest Godzillas in this figure size range (making sense considering this is the tallest Godzilla as of 2016). As for the sculpt itself, it is fairly nice considering the low cost of it (only $20 upon its release). There’s some very nice texturing on the figure. Sure, it’s not an X-Plus or MonsterArts, but considering the strange design of this monster in general, I would say Bandai could have done a lot worse. The spines are especially nice and well textured, as well as the tip of its tail (more on that in a bit). The arms could have been sculpted more accurately (palms facing upward), but they’re so small I don’t think this is much of an issue.


Shin Godzilla comes with no accessories.


Back View

Articulation wise, there isn’t much. Godzilla’s legs can rotate a full 360 degrees, as can its arms. Its tail, despite being molded in two parts, is glued in place so that it can’t move. An odd choice considering most other figures can rotate their tails and this Godzilla has the longest tail of them all, from what I can tell. I do question why they made its arms able to move considering their small size. On a positive note, the figure does scale wonderfully with other Bandai Movie Monster Series (and other 6 inch figure lines such as Y-MSF).



Close Up

The biggest flaw with this figure is the paint. What paint we have isn’t bad, not in the least. It’s the lack there of that’s the problem. Starting with the pros, I admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I first started seeing images of this guy floating around online. After seeing the needle-like teeth and remarkably small eyes, I was worried Bandai would drop the ball. They didn’t, not here anyway. There’s neither paint bleed nor slop on the eyes or teeth like I feared there would be. The spines really do look nice with the red highlights and base “glow”. However, where Bandai does drop the ball is the rest of its body. Yes, its tail and chest are painted red. The red doesn’t appear as the “glow” of the creature’s design, but more like blood. This is especially apparent on its chest and simply looks like Godzilla was dealt a fatal injury or burn opposed to glowing. The tail doesn’t have this problem as much, but it still just looks like a big wound than… whatever it really appears to be in film.


New images have surfaced showing a “face” in Godzilla’s tail tip. If you look closely, you can see that the “face” is sculpted at the tip of the tail. But the paint just goes all over it and it just looks like another festering wound.


Finally, the claws on Godzilla’s toes are painted a nice shade and do look like claws. Unfortunately, the claws on its hands are not painted, nor are the smaller claws surrounding Godzilla’s primary toes. The figure could have used a lot more red highlights throughout it to really make it pop.


Size Comparison

All in all, this isn’t a bad figure. If one is just looking for a standard vinyl Shin Godzilla to sit on the shelf with others, this is your guy. He’s pretty cheap as well. Unless you’re reading this in like 2026 and the figure has become rare, I do not suggest paying more than $30 for it. And that includes shipping. Yeah, it’s not a bad figure. But it’s not a great one either. There’s more figures of this guy popping up here and there for less than $50, so if you want something that looks a bit more appealing with a better sculpt and paint, go with one of them (namely the Sega Claw Machine figure). This is a nice introduction to this new incarnation of our beloved monster, but far from the best.

Rating: Star Rating