Rodan - Sound
Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: Trading Card
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1994 Height: 15 centimeters
Anthony Romero

One of Trendmasters' debut toys in what would be a fairly expansive Godzilla line, this six inch Rodan figure is the "sound" version of the character. Like other toys from the line, the Rodan here is a "slight" departure from any specific version of the character seen in the movies. The end result, like many from the company, has its ups and its downs.

Close Up

To be fair, this is a pretty detailed and nice looking figure. From the wrinkle textured skin to the detailed coloring on the mouth and the gradient like effect on the wings, Trendmasters did a fair job in the figure's creation. The problem, though, is that it really doesn't look that much like Rodan. It does sport the monster's spiked abdomen, and has the three horned look that the Heisei version had, but many diversions were taken in its creation.

The head is probably the most notable change here from the movie character. It looks good, with a nice level of detail and features a good level of ferocity. It does not, however, look even the slightest like Rodan. The creature's teeth were never close to this prominent, and coupled with the green eyes and the lack of a "peak" creates something that looks more like a stock dragon toy head than one that could be associated with one of Toho's most popular properties.

Back View

The rest of the figure is decent. It's all composed of a hard plastic, except for the wings which are a softer vinyl. This gives them a bit of mobility, attempting to simulate the character flapping its wings, but causes for them to look awkward toward the place where they join the body as they don't perfectly line up. The character does display some other flexibility in the form of its rotating head and legs, but this is the extent of its moving parts.

In regards to the sound component, it's done well, like the rest of the line. The red button to activate the roar and speaker is located on the front, while the back can be opened with a screwdriver to change out the battery when needed.

Bottom line, this is a fine release, and a great toy, but makes for a poor Rodan figure. People who enjoy more stylized adaptations of the Toho monsters, though, might find enjoyment from this, as it's certainly Trendmasters' most creative reimagining of a figure in the first line.

Rating: Star Rating