Version Source
Company: Y-MSF
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2004 Height: 15 centimeters
Ryan Apollo (submission)

Ryan here, back for my second review. This piece was made for the 2004 50th Anniversary line. I picked this piece from a limited 300 available, and it was worth every penny. Please allow me to introduce the 1956 Rodan figure from Y-MSF.

Side View

What can I say? Starting with the accurateness, Rodan is just awesome. The wings are nice and realistically wobbly looking, yet made of a durable rubber. Wrinkles in the leg and neck, among other places are EXTREMELY realistic, further adding authenticity. There are realistic grooves and skin lines that would never be as detailed in a 6” Bandai piece. The paint appears to be un-scratchable, like many pieces in the Bandai line often easily can be. Color wise, the eyes are a deep black and show a lifelike glint. The rest of the paint job is also spectacular, featuring accurate browns and mucky yellows in the chest area, beak and talons. The hands are just a micrometer too wide, but it's easily overlooked as it's such a minor difference. The piece is made to match the 6” Bandai collection size-wise, so it goes great with any collection of them!

A couple of downsides to this product, there is little to no rotation of any part of its body, because it is not meant as a toy. The wings come unattached, so there are visible lines down the sides where they are put in. The head is also extremely wobbly, and it easily comes out. I attempted heating the end, as that is sometimes what they tell you to do, but it was to no avail. Ironically, this actually adds authenticity, because in the movie Rodan (1956), his head was always wobbling around, in addition to the fact that the headpiece to the suit WAS removable.

I definitely recommend this piece, but hurry! There were only 300 available upon release, and I have one of them. Also available in this amazing set are the Showa series Varan, Manda, and Minilla.

Rating: Star Rating