Rodan (Chess Piece)
Version Source
Company: X-Plus
Extras: Stand
Classification: Chess Piece Reissue: No
Release: 2002 Height: 10 centimeters
Anthony Romero

Released back in 2002, this was one of several chess pieces issued as part of the "Godzilla Origins" line by X-Plus. This particular one is based on Rodan from his debut 1956 film.

Close Up

X-Plus has done a great job with most of their Godzilla releases and the chess piece line in particular. Of the ones released, the Rodan piece is arguably one of the most impressive. The detail here is extraordinary, especially in the chest with the spikes and also the folds in the wings. The feet also look stellar, with excellent care placed into the detail. The head looks a little odd when viewed from the side due to the overly simple eyes, but appears dead-on when looking directly at the character in regards to representing his movie self.

As for the coloring, its great as well. Rodan is mostly all brown, but X-Plus has used many different shades and tones to make the character visually appealing. The coloring in the chest is especially well done, with faint white highlighting used to draw attention to the detail there.

Back View

Unlike some of the other chess pieces, X-Plus has done a good job all around, including the back of the figure. The bumpy center of the back of the figure, to separate the body from the wings, is a nice touch. The tail also looks amazing as it extends slightly from the body. Coloring is also consistent on the back, especially around the body where details are highlighted.

The collectible is a light resin that comes with two pieces. The main piece is Rodan itself while the second is the stand. Sadly, the metal pole on the stand is pretty obvious, and something more subtle probably would have been better. Still, its a minor point. As expected with a chess piece, there is no movement to be found in this collectible. Its pose, with Rodan's wings spread as it looks like he is ready to land, is one of the best I have seen for a Rodan model. The length of the figure is also very impressive, although like others in this line it makes the chess piece pretty poor for actually playing chess with.

Overall, this is probably the stand out entry in the chess line, with the only real blemish being the paint job on the eyes. Highly recommended.

Rating: Star Rating