Toy: Rodan 2019 13" Wing to Wing (NECA)



Rodan 2019 13" Wing to Wing

English Toy Title

13” Wing-to-Wing Action Figure – Rodan (2019)


Display base, explosion effect, support rod, extra head


33 centimeters


Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Rodan is the last of the releases for the Godzilla King of the Monsters NECA line. And, like Mothra, it's a nice display piece and that's pretty much it. It's not something that you can get a lot of poses out of because it's stuck to a stand, but it's cool nonetheless. Also, of note, the neck piece for Rodan ships upside down. Rotate the piece to make it accurate.


Rodan does look pretty great as a figure and I love how you can get a closeup look of the detail that went into the design from the film. This figure has a lot of grooves and they feel great to the touch.


For articulation, there's a little bit going on here in the sense that you can fold in the outer wings to emulate Rodan flying faster, but it also seems to serve the purpose of folding them in so he can fit in the package. The wings can also move up and down at the shoulders and the right wing is a little floppy and not as taught as the left wing, which is pretty annoying and limits the poses you can do. The head can move at the neck and the head can move a good 360 degrees. The legs can move as well but the left leg seems to be pointed inward and it just looks weird. They can move up and down but only barely.


Explosion Effect
Explosion Effect

For accessories, Rodan comes with an additional, identical head with his mouth open to simulate a roar. The coolest accessory is the base with the explosion effect which is translucent. It looks great and when you shine a light on it from the side or any other angle that the explosion really comes to life when used with the supplied stand. The explosion effect itself is a nice mix of red and orange and an orange paint job to accentuate the explosion itself. The base is a mix of brown and black simulate the mountain and the bit of gray and silver for the cover of the base.


For the paint, Rodin is a mix of dark brown with a nice reddish fade around the tips of the wings. There's also a sort of whitish sort of wash around the body as well which looks pretty cool. Along the tips of the wings and a little bit in the middle are dots of yellow paint. I don't know if they're a paint mishap or intentional or what but they are strange to see. Also along the upper back along the wings at the top or mixes of dark red in with a black or dark brown.


Overall, I like this release and the great design of the base really makes it something special. As a figure, Rodan is a sort of flimsy and doesn't seem to be one that you would be touching very often outside of lifting up the figure and base to do some dusting if he’s sitting on your shelf.

**Below are several bonus images, including alternate views of the front, back, and accessories.**

Rating: Star Rating