Mothra 2 Set
Version Source
 Rebirth of Mothra II
Company: Yutaka
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2003 Height: 8/10 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Browsing eBay the other day, I came across a play set based around Rebirth of Mothra II (1997). The set featured, at glance, Rainbow Mothra vs. Dagahra. Already planning to get the bigger set, just for a six inch figure of Dagahra, I didn't think much of this set until I saw the $10 tag on it. Boy do I feel cheated.

Side View

I'm reviewing this set together, opposed to separate like I normally do, simply because of how simplistic it is. In quick summation, this set pretty much blows. I was expecting early High Grade-level figures of the two kaiju.

Let's start with the first: Rainbow Mothra. Her body seems like something you'd find in a cereal box prize and the wings are cardboard! Cardboard! To be fair, however, the wings are nicely detailed and finely colored, looking exactly like the movie's, except for the undersides which aren't colored, yet have the patterns drawn on. The body is made of cheap plastic and the head has a nasty habit of falling off.


Dagahra is the main reason why anybody will take a glance at this set. There's not many figures of him, and the only ones that are usually cost a pretty penny. This release would actually be pretty good if he had some more color. He's made of plastic or vinyl and sports decent amount of detail to his mold, including ridges, bumps, and scales. He appears to be two halves joined together, a fact made painfully obvious by the fact there's an opening between each half.

His colors, or lack there of, is what makes this figure a failure. He's entirely dull aqua green with golden put on his top and undersides. That's it. His eyes aren't painted, he has no highlights of any kind. He's completely green with spots of gold. He looks lame on any shelf.

This is a pointless, dirt cheap set. I realize the excuse for the lack of Dagahra figures is said to be because of the poor sales of the previous year's Desghidorah, but come on! This release is just plain sad, and the Rainbow Mothra is just… horrible.

Thank God this only cost me $10.00. But I also curse God for this costing me $10.00.

Rating: Star Rating