Razor Fang - Baby Godzilla
Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1998 Height: 15 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Back in the wondrous year for all Godzilla fans, 1998, a series of figures arrived that would instantly collide with many different kids' toys of Jurassic Park, Alien, and even Predator to prove what is the dominant monster. Like many kids from the year, or I was the only one who did this, this release of Baby Godzilla often found its way into the Jurassic Park compound to fight off raptors and Aliens, but this isn't for the history of the toy being reviewed. Like many releases by Trendmasters, this release of an anorexia-stricken Baby Godzilla differs in design from its movie companion. Colored a fiery red with a cream-colored chest, the design is, arguably, even better than the ones used in the movie.


Besides the color scheme, the most obvious difference in this design is the monster's jaws and over-sized teeth. To be fair, however, this release does center around the fact this particular Baby Godzilla, called "Razor Fang" on the package, is equipped with a powerful bite to render its victims helpless. Another visual difference is its spines, or lack there of. The original 1998 movie babies were all equipped with tiny spikes while this little devil is equipped with nothing more than a few back bumps. Also, while its movie brothers may have been on the skinny side, this figure just goes overboard. The creature lacks any sort of muscle tone like its inspiration.

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Now, with the main complaints out of the way, I can easily say this figure isn't that bad. Its arms and legs all move, allowing the figure to be set up and a wide variety of different poses and taunts. The jaws, as said, open up wide so that they can clamp close around other figures' bodies and limbs. The jaws themselves are activated by pressing down on a small button on its back. The figure also stands at a nice six inches allowing it to go into battle with other movie series' toy lines and offers it unlimited usage against endless hordes of enemies.

Alongside this super-evil-burning-Baby Godzilla, two other figures of its type were released. One with a slashing arm and the other with a powerful tail whack. The figure looks nice on a shelf when its sitting with its brothers as papa Godzilla watches on. Just don't let it get close to Minilla. He doesn't like Minilla.

Rating: Star Rating