Razor Bite Godzilla
Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1998 Height: 20 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

1998, the year of the "G.I.N.O.", and as expected like any Summer Blockbuster, GODZILLA (1998) was given a large line of figures during the prime of its release. The line featured dozens of figures of the starring monster, along with various weapons and figures of the human characters. This review is for the Razor Bite Godzilla, one of the many figures released in 1998.

Back View

Standing at a nice eight inches, Godzilla sports a hard plastic mold with a tail that ends in rubber. The tail is able to move, as can the arms, hands, and legs. The legs have a joint at the knees and ankle that allows Godzilla to be posed in different ways. The main feature of this release, however, is its bite. The jaw opens when the right leg is moved forward and closes when pulled back. Unfortunately, this action just makes it weird to use for it looks like Godzilla is trying to dance when one wants him to bite.

The mold of the toy is relatively nice. The back sports dozens of spines of various sizes and the body is covered in just enough paint and texture detailing. One complaint about the mold, however, is its feet. They're too small and he can barely stand without the aid of the plastic stand that he was released with.

Like the Ultimate Godzilla I reviewed prior to this, the Razor Bite Godzilla also features orange eyes opposed to the normal. This, like the other toy, gives him a rather evil glare.

Side View

As said previously, this Godzilla was released with a plastic stand that is based on that of the streets of New York City. At each side of this stand, little, circular plugs are attached that are used to hold the figure in place. Unfortunately, when in place, the entire basis of being able to pose Godzilla is lost simply because one can't move his legs much. So, when putting this figure on display, a collector has two choices. He can either balance the figure on the stand or try to find his own way of balancing himself. I use the stand myself, simply because it is much, much easier.

The Razor Bite Godzilla isn't a bad figure, but it has its share of flaws like the small feet, balancing issue, and the way the bite is activated. It does, however, feature nice detail, a great paint job, and remains one of the only figures one can use to remake the battle between the creature and Godzilla from 2004.

Rating: Star Rating