Version Source
 Godzilla 2000: Millennium
Company: Bandai
Extras: Attached tag
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1999 Height: 15 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)
When Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999) was announced to come to the United States theaters, I instantly did a search for it online to find out more information. What I found out was that there was a new kaiju in the movie, but that isn't what grabbed my attention. What did grab my attention? The fact Japan was filled with countless figures of all of my favorite kaiju! I wanted some! Saving up some money, I managed to get my first ever Bandai Japanese figures. I wanted the latest foe and the latest Godzilla, so naturally, I got the releases of Orga and Godzilla 2000, each at around $12. Orga didn't disappoint in the least.
Side View

The massive alien stands at a nice size of six inches, allowing it to be placed nicely with most of Bandai's other figures. The kaiju's appearance matches Orga nearly flawlessly. In fact, the creature retains everything his movie counterpart has right down to its yellow eye color. The monster also features moveable arms, legs, and tail, allowing the beast to be put in different poses, but the best pose is easily the basic, fist-walking (or in the figure's case, finger-walking) stance.

Sadly, there is one major qualm to be taken up with this toy and that is the back of the alien beast. In particular, the upper portion of the toy is quite clearly created from a different mold compared with the rest of the body. This creates a small problem as it's quite obvious where the two pieces are attached, creating a slight eyesore, while the paint job is also inconsistent, which draws further attention to this. Furthermore, the process used by Bandai for applying the two pieces also appears to have been haphazard at best. While the one pictured has been assembled decently, there were others released during this run where the back is noticeably akilter with the lower half of the body, causing the design to not line up very well in the least. Thankfully, this problem is not noticeable when one views the figure directly from the back, but is very appareant when looking at it from the side.

Back View

Overall, though, it's a typical Bandai figure that's a good representation of the movie monster. Orga can also easily blend in well with any Godzilla toy collection thanks to it sharing the more common height dimension of these vinyls.

Like all figures released by Bandai, a tag was attached to the toy. The tag features a shot of Orga on the front side and a picture of one of the posters used for the film on the other. Like all of Bandai's kaiju tags from this era, it also gives the figure's number. Orga's is G-17, meaning he is the seventeenth kaiju placed in this figure line. This particular run of toys was started a year earlier as well in 1998. It was christened as the Godzilla Island series, named after the TV show of the same name that began airing in 1997. It's worth noting, though, that Orga, like all of the other characters numbered after G-12, never appeared on the program itself.

Rating: Star Rating