Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Mothra
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: Trading Card
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1994 Height: 15 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

What's this? I get to review the first Mothra toy? Oh joy, just what I want to do: admit that I played with Mothra as a child. This review for Mothra, while she is in the six inch line of figures, isn't for her electronic version, but instead the basic version. Before I start this, I do have to say it. I can't help myself, but if I don't, this review with have me spewing it out non-stop. Damn, Mothra got real ugly. Indeed, the Trendmasters release of Mothra could very well be the ugliest version the giant insect has ever had.

Front View

With a length of four inches and a wingspan of six inches, Mothra sports the likeness of her Heisei incarnation, despite her overly ugliness. The wings are made of a hard rubber and can flap, while the legs are made of a softer rubber and can only bend. The head is also made of hard rubber and can rotate. The main body of Mothra, however, is made of hard plastic. And now, with that covered, I can begin my disection of this ugly figure.

Back View

Starting with the head, I just have to ask "Why?". True, the Godzilla toys were aimed at boys, but what exactly was the point of releasing Mothra if one was going to make her look mean and savage... and ugly. Also, like Ghidorah suffers from too small of limbs in almost every category, so does Mothra. Her wings are way too small and look as if they couldn't even lift her off the ground, let alone let her fly at super sonic speeds. The abdomen is too short and fat, and the head, well, I can't really grasp what it is, but the head just looks too big for the body. No doubt because Mothra's entire length is too short and gives off the appearance as if she's pregnant with a massive egg.

As stated, Mothra is based off of her Heisei design and sports the wing pattern of the 1990's with some minor changes, no doubt to fit all the patterns in the overly small wings. Mothra's eyes, despite looking angry, are colored just the right shade of blue. Miraculously, Trendmasters got most of the rest of the detail correct, but for whatever reason, added ridges to her abdomen. I can imagine this may be so her rear can act like an accordion when pushing out that beast of an egg. One weird thing to bring up is that, while this figure isn't the sound version, it retains the holes in the abdomen where sound would come from. I think I tried finding the sound activator about a million times as a kid.

Yet another rather bad redesign by Trendmasters, Mothra ranks up as one of my least favorite figures.

Rating: Star Rating