Toy: Mothra (Trendmasters)



English Toy Title

Godzilla Wars: Godzilla vs. Mothra


Trading Card


8 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Mothra



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

The second review for the classic Trendmasters, 4.5 inch line of Godzilla toys. Like MechaGodzilla before her, Mothra was one of the original six monsters the company released in 1994. Like before, there were multiple ways to acquire this specific figure. There were the versus two packs, the 40th anniversary set, and I believe a few more ways. However, Mothra is one of the few (alongside Rodan and King Ghidorah) not to receive a unique repaint for the secondary 40th anniversary pack.


Mothra fits pretty nicely with her Trendmasters brethren. She’s made of a hard vinyl or rubber with her wings made of soft, flexible rubber. I actually went through several of these toys when I was a kid by accidentally breaking the wings off. The sculpt is pretty good for the size with her body having plenty of detailing to represent her fluffiness. The segmented eyes could have used some more bumps, but I think that’s a bit of a nitpick.




Well, some releases did come with a unique trading card featuring details and info on the monster based on the 1992 film.


Mothra sports a very nice, vibrant paint scheme. Her molded color is a simple white, but her body has lots of red on the appropriate areas. The eyes are painted a clean, deep blue. The wings are very vibrant with yellows, blacks and reds. Finally, the end of her abdomen, mouth, and underside are painted grey. Surprisingly, her legs are also painted yellow. I must admit, I wish the underside of the wings were painted as well for I think (as a kid), it was an eyesore seeing her laying upside down, defeated, with her wings lacking color then.


Mothra is yet another solid, smaller Trendmasters figure. She doesn’t sport anything noteworthy to stand out among other figures of the characters, but for an entire generation, this would probably one of their first figures of the divine moth. If the underside of the wings were painted, this could have been one of the best of the entire line. However, even without that, this figure still looks fine and really pops when sitting next to the other Trendmasters toys.

It should be noted that following the 1994 run of toys, it was reported Mothra was the least successful of the initial batch of six. She was reported to have been replaced by several other monsters, namely Battra, in 1995’s Godzilla Wars toy line.

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