Toy: Mothra: Tokyo SOS Premium Scale Statue (Mondo)


Mothra: Tokyo SOS Premium Scale Statue

English Toy Title

Mothra: Tokyo SOS Premium Scale Statue - Limited Edition (Mondo)


Mothra egg, Mothra egg with larva (limited edition only)


Vinyl Statue
40 centimeters


Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.



By: Jacob Haas (submission)

Mondo has been on a roll with a lot of their Godzilla merchandise. Today, I will be reviewing their latest statue featuring the magnificent moth herself, Mothra. But before I begin with the review, I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Mondo for sending this sample.


The statue stands at 16 inches tall with a wingspan of 19 inches wide and weighs five pounds. The materials used in creating it are polystone and PVC.

Mothra is superbly crafted. I was impressed by how much detail was put into Mothra. I thought the sculpting of the antennae along with the fur on them was a nice touch and well done. The transition from fur to wing membrane was handled well. The wings are a big stand-out for me. When it comes to merchandise, more often than not, Mothra’s wings are pretty flat but not in this case. This time around, the wings are actually ridged, which I feel makes it unique.Mothra’s dynamic pose for this statue gives it personality and helps it stand out from other Mothra statues in my opinion.

While the mountainous statue base may be a bit simplistic, it is well-crafted. The front of mountain has Mothra’s logo carved into it.The back of the base has an engraving of two people holdings hands, forming an M. One minor detail that I liked was addition of some tiny boulders at the bottom of the statue. I feel that it helps add to the scale of the Mothra egg and Mothra herself.

Assembly for this statue is straightforward and easy. Mothra’s legs do have some flexibility, which helps when attaching Mothra to the top of the base. My only concern is that the legs and rodsseem a bit on the sensitive side so I would advise not getting too rough when putting the pieces together.


This statue has no articulation.


The standard edition statue's only accessory is the unhatched Mothra egg. The limited edition does come with an extra egg with two Mothra Larvae coming out of the egg. Sadly, only the standard edition is currently unavailable.


The use of brown and grey for Mothra’s fur was used very well. The coloring on Mothra’s wings are vibrant and visually beautiful. The overall paint scheme make Mothra look old, but still powerful. The bright colors on Mothra helped provide a nice contrast with the rocky statue base. The paint work on the eggs looks phenomenal as it looks like they were snatched right out of the movie itself.

I did see some minor paint overlap on the wings but nothing too troubling.


All in all, Mondo has done a fantastic performance in creating this Mothra statue. Everybody involved should be exceptionally proud of their work and I look forward to seeing what else Mondo has planned with the Godzilla series. If you can afford purchasing this statue, I highly recommend it.

**Below are a number of bonus images of the statue.**

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