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 Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Company: Bandai
Extras: Attached Tag
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2001 Height: 13 centimeters
Anthony Romero

Upon release, Bandai had a trio of fantastic toys in the form of Godzilla 2001, King Ghidorah 2001, and Mothra 2001 for the latest movie with the three title characters. As the years have dragged on, the first two toys still hold up amazingly well, but how does the Mothra figure fare today? In all honesty, it's not quite as impressive as it was when it debuted, but still is a high quality release from the company with a lot to praise.

Back View

First up, the detail here is pretty great. There is an almost fur like quality to the wings, and the stinger looks flawless with a lot of work put into making it look as complex as it does. The legs and face are a little on the simple side, and do drag the figure down a little, but the other aspects do well enough to carry the toy from a detail standpoint.

Mothra really shines, though, from its coloring. To start with the bad, the gradient "spray paint" brown at the base of the wings and the body is a little poor. It looks disjointing from where the wings meet the body. The rest of the painting though is fantastic. The stinger looks good, with no sloppy painting done on its streaks of orange. The face also looks good, especially the deep purple eyes. The tour de force, though, is easily the wings, which have the detailed color scheme down flawlessly.

Mothra and Godzilla

In regards to proportions, the figure is okay. Its biggest flaw, though, falls in the realm of its jumbo sized legs. They just look off. In the movie, Mothra does have very long legs, but on this figure they are simply too fat and draw too much attention to themselves. On the plus side, this does add durability, and if they were the exact width of its movie counterpart it would be easy to see them being broken during casual play. However, Bandai's solution is simply too extreme and a thinner alternative would have been better. The antenna suffer from this same problem: too thick and bulky. Otherwise, though, the figure is very good with its proportions and also fits well with the others in the line. It feels especially at home when placed with the Godzilla toy. Its about 13 centimeters, but has a wingspan of over 30 centimeters. This allows it too look impressive next to Godzilla, but still be dwarfed. The figure is easily positioned on the back of the Godzilla toy as well.

Sadly, articulation wise this figure is pretty simple. The wings can flap ever so slightly, the head can turn, and the back feet can rotate... but otherwise this toy is immobile. Mothra figures tend to always suffer this problem, though, so it's not much to complain about. It would have been nice it all of the legs would have been moveable, especially with how oversized they are, but it's a small loss.

Overall, the Mothra 2003 figure is better, but this one is still a solid representation of this version of the character and also fits well with the others in this line.

Rating: Star Rating