Toy: Mothra 2019 12" Wing to Wing (NECA)


Mothra 2019 12" Wing to Wing

English Toy Title

12” Wing-to-Wing Action Figure – Mothra (2019)




30 centimeters


Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

NECA’s MonsterVerse Mothra is a great, if limited, addition to the line. How is it? Read below!


Mothra has an incredible amount of detail for such a small figure. The head and body look great as do the legs. The wings have ridges that protrude a little to give them more texture and are also translucent, and they look great when held up to the light.


Artiiculation kinda takes a hit here. Right out of the box, the right wing was super floppy and the left front leg fell right off. I could get it back on but it took some pressure to get it to stay. The front and back legs move back and forth, which can get some nice poses, but it’s pretty limited. As I mentioned, the right wing was pretty floppy out of the box so it made posing impossible. The other top wing was fine and so were the smaller bottom wings (which can move up and down and side to side but are hindered by the stand), however.


Included with Mothra is a stylish stand and clear rod for display. The stand looks cool and is meant to simulate Mothra erupting from her cocoon in adult form. Although you never really see it happen in the movie, and the base is an invention for this piece, it does look great with the silver base with black paint in for detail. I especially like the metallic paint on the cocoon. The clear rod goes into the base and Mothra sits on the clip on the other end. It does limit the poses you can get with the wings, but Mothra does look great when displayed.


While Mothra’s black paint on the body/legs add detail in parts, it seems to be haphazardly applied - especially on the underside of the figure. I do like how great the blue eyes look, though. The paint on the wings looks fantastic with the mix of light and dark orange and white. No bad paint blurring the design and the translucency is a great bonus!


Even though Mothra’s limited by the stand, I do like how she looks when combined with the stand. It's too bad that the right wing was flopped and the left leg kept falling off. The translucent wings are icing on the cake, and if you loved the film or are a Mothra fan, do give this figure a look!

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Rating: Star Rating

Addendum: 12" Wing-to-Wing Action Figure – Mothra “Poster Version”


As an addendum to this review, I’d like to follow it up with sort of a mini review!


The articulation, at least on the figure that I have, has been fixed. The wings hold the pose and left leg is securely in the socket, which is great. It's always a drag when you have to worry about pieces falling off of figures and the potential for getting lost, etc. Also, I do wish that the stand was adjusted so I could move the smaller wings around a little. It's weird to give them articulation and then take it away when you put the figure on the stand.


While I love the translucency of the original release, I do love the sort of dark ocean blue color on the wings on this re-release. It gives it that more mystic look to it. The patterns on the wings are different as well, which is pretty cool because it's just not the same design with swapped colors. The dark blue and black paint on the body looks awesome, and it goes really well with the metallic blue paint on the eyes. The paint on the stand is different as well with the sort of black "windows" on the stand. It's great to see that even that got a touch up and was not reused. The base does have black paint for detail, but it does seem to be a little darker than the previous version, but I don't seem to notice it when I put it side by side with the previous version. Finally, the cocoon has darker paint on the inside this time with less blue on the outside and the electric blue pops more, which I really like.


I really love the way this figure is the same yet different than the previous release, and my problems with the loose leg and floppy wing were fixed and overall, I really enjoy this figure. Highly recommended!