Monster Claw - Baby Godzilla
Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1998 Height: 12 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Another figure based on the 1998 Godzilla remake, or more accurately, another Baby Godzilla figure of the 1998 raptors… I mean Baby Godzillas! Unlike the other two I reviewed, this one's gimmick is hatching, freshly hatching from a pile of poo… I mean an egg. I do admit, however, that this is one brilliant idea and the action works, its just that the egg looks like a pile of you know what and the Baby Godzilla looks almost nothing like the movie's.

Back View

Let's start this the simple way: How does it work. You take the baby, and sit it inside the egg. There's a little plug on the inside of the egg that fits into the tail. Then you close the egg. Then, when you want it to hatch, you just press the button and BAM! Instant egg hatching!

Brilliant, yes?

Well, for a Godzilla toy anyway. Usually we just get run of the mill figures. Now for the Baby Godzilla itself. Its obviously based more on the Claw Slasher Baby Godzilla I reviewed previously. The colors are the same: Yellow and red with black spots. Sadly, the color didn't work there and it doesn't work here. Articulation wise there isn't much. His legs can be moved slightly, allowing the baby to lean forward, and its arms can also go up and down. The tail and head can't be changed position, so no matter what you try, it always looks awkward.


Now for the egg itself: It looks like crap, literally. A nasty brown with what appears to be slime covering big white blur with brown highlights. I know there wasn't much to work with, what with most of the scenes in the movie that involve the egg being awfully dark, but I know it didn't look like a big pile.

Well, enough of about that, more on the creature itself. The detailing and texturing here, however, looks really good, and he has more prominent spines, or growing spines, on his back than both of the other babies.

Way back when, I know this didn't go for much. I'm not sure what it goes for now, but I still say the Razor Fang toy remains the best of the US Baby Godzilla figures. Get it if you're a fan or see one for cheap.

Rating: Star Rating