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 The Mysterians
Company: Kaiyodo
Extras: Two antennas, markalite cannon, two display bases that resemble a forest setting, one miniature
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2010 Height: 14 centimeters
Andrew Nguyen (submission)

In 2010, Kaiyodo, a Japanese toy company in Osaka that deals with figures and garage kits, unveiled a new figure line called Revoltech. The name Revoltech comes from the joints on the figures that allow them to have good poseability. The figures concentrated on characters and vehicles from America and Japan and ranged from the comedic to the science fiction as well as myth and legends. Amongst those figures were several that came from American and Japanese monster movies. At first, the Revoltech line included several characters from both the Godzilla and Gamera series. However, the Revoltech line would wind down the release of such figures with the latest one being the undersea battleship Atragon that appeared in the beginning of 2012. That however was due to Bandai, one of the main makers of Godzilla toys, releasing their own line of related figures.

Side View

Moguera is the 13th figure released in the Kaiyodo Revoltech line. The figure has its design from Moguera's first appearance in the 1957 movie, The Mysterians. In the movie, Moguera serves as the weapon of the Mysterians, an alien race bent on conquering Earth. In the process, they constructed two Mogueras. One appears early in the movie where after destroying a Japanese village, the Japanese Self Defense Force destroy the robot kaiju. The other suffers an accident as it attempted to destroy one of the Markalite cannons.

In terms of size, the figure is around 14.5 centimeters. That includes the antenna so its notably smaller than the S.H. MonsterArts 1994 Moguera, but still a good size.


For design, the Revoltech figure of Moguera is sculpted by Takuma Katsuo and is a very good match to the suit used in the movie. In fact at times, particularly at the waist and legs, it is a perfect match for the suit for when the legs move. In addition, the armor moves in a manner similar to that of the suit in the movie. The coloring of the figure is overall an excellent match capturing the three tones of the character. As for the detail of the armor, it is an exact match with how Moguera looked in the movie, including the shading of the armor as well to show that had been traveling underground for some times before emerging on the surface.

For accessories, Moguera comes with two antennas, two display bases that replicate the landscape that Moguera operated in as well as a Markalite cannon and a miniature Mysterian figure.

Box View

In terms of poseability, the figure has movable arms, legs, waist, neck and tail. The antennas on the figure can also move around as well although not to as great an extent as the other body parts. Although the details stated on the box indicate otherwise, for the figure itself, the drill is unable to move. However, the figure does suffer from a few small stability problems and tends to lean forwards or backward, depending on the positioning of the figure. In summary, the figure is a little unstable and this at times looks a lot like how the suit could move on set. As with nearly all of the Revoltech figures that dealt with creatures and the like, the joints are exceptionally noticeable. In this case, it is around the arms, ankle and the area connecting the tail to the body. Thankfully, unlike the organic kaiju, Moguera being a robot kind of disguises this a bit.

Overall, if one is looking for a very poesable figure that is not a complete replica to its counterpart on the screen, then the Kaiyodo Revoltech Moguera offers a good choice to start with as an introduction into the Revoltech line. Also the Kaiyodo Revoltech line seemed to cover more the kaiju from the Showa movie era in comparison to Bandai's SH MonsterArts, which mostly covers the Heisei and Millennium Godzilla series.

Rating: Star Rating