Modern Godzilla 12″ Head to Tail
Version Source
 Godzilla (2014)
Company: NECA
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2014 Height: 30 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

NECA's debut into the world of Godzilla figures has begun! Titled "Modern Godzilla", this figure is based off the American one seen in Godzilla (2014). How does it stack up? Read on! As a bonus, following the text review is a video review by Thomas R VanSlambrouck as a tag team review of the figure.

Side View

NECA used the actual digital files of Godzilla from the film to create this figure making it the most film accurate figure to date. It has some heft to it too making it feel a little heavy but still a solid figure. The backplates, although bendable, are quite sharp at the tips so be careful when handling. There's a LOT of detail in the sculpt. The scales on the legs, the arms and down the tail are really well done.

The articulation is pretty good on this figure. The feet, arms, and tail can all move 360 degrees. So can the hands but they can also move up and down a little which is a nice touch. It's only at the knee that the leg can only move 180 degrees. The arms can also bend at the elbows which make for some cool posing. Articulation in the tail is quite nice (and all sections can turn 360 degrees) and it's separated into four sections, the last being rubber with a wire inside for added posing. The head can move up and down slightly and the mouth can open and close.

Back View

There have been reports of the mouth not closing all the way on some models. This was fixed by removing the jaw and then sort of "popping" the tongue downward and then putting the jaw back on. I don't really recommend this as it might damage the figure so do so at your own risk.

No accessories come with the figure which is somewhat of a shame as a beam effect would compliment it really well.

The paint on the NECA 12" HTT is rather difficult to discuss since there is more than one version out there. For this review, I can only review the figure sent to me. The mold of the figure itself is a dark green with the lighter green fade in the chest area while the only actual paint is in the eyes, inside the mouth and on the tongue, and the teeth. The mouth and tongue are painted a dark red color while the teeth were just painted over the dark red paint used for the mouth. It's mostly a good job but there are a few blemishes here and there. The eyes themselves look very nice, especially when you consider how small the paint application area. There's no side of any blemishes or paint slop whatsoever.

Overall, I really enjoy this figure. It's very solid and a worthy addition to your Godzilla collection. I do wish that there was a final version of the figure out there so I wouldn't have the urge to hunt down the one with the blue paint tint however. Overall, it's a solid first entry into the Godzilla franchise for NECA and with work like this, I hope they continue to make Godzilla (and hopefully other Godzilla universe monsters) for years to come!

For a special bonus, here is a complementing video review of the toy as well by Thomas R VanSlambrouck.

As a side note, photo credit for alternate Godzilla paint job photo: Justin Weinzierl.

Rating: Star Rating