Mecha-Ghidorah (Mecha-King Ghidorah)
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: Trading Card
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1994 Height: 7 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

One of the first six Godzilla figures released through Trendmasters, Mecha-King Ghidorah came to the United States in figure form before its actual movie arrived. This figure caused much confusion in younger fans that knew nothing of the Heisei series that was still in the works in Japan. Many, including myself, thought that “Mecha-Ghidorah' (the name given to the figure opposed to Mecha-King Ghidorah) was actually a monster that Trendmasters themselves designed.

Side View

The cybernetic hydra stands at four inches and has, roughly, a six inch wingspan. Unlike the other figures, but like their King Ghidorah figure, Mecha-King Ghidorah's heads and tail can be removed and attached. No doubt so kids can have fun by having Godzilla blast its long necks and heads off. The toy is made of solid rubber with the wings being a softer type of rubber.

The design and mold for the toy is pretty decent. The armored pieces look just like the movie version while the organic heads have the same design as their Ghidorah figure. The organic heads may not be a favorable design, but their detail is nice. Golden scales cover the organic parts, as expected, while the insides of the maws and eyes of both side heads are colored red. The mouths even have painted white teeth. The robotic head is detailed nicely and has just the right colored eyes of green.

Wing Shot

Sadly, however, there are some flaws. The neck collars on the organic heads and the ends of the tails aren't painted and remain golden like the body. The wings of the figure, however, are the best aspect by far. Of all the other parts, the wings remain the most detailed and finely done.

It should be noted that this figure was also released with a “smooth wing” version. It used the exact same mold and paint job, but the wings were smooth as opposed to textured, like the one I'm reviewing now. Also, like other three inch figures, there were only a few ways one could acquire it: get the versus pack that also came with Godzilla, the first 40th Anniversary Set, or get the Godzilla Attacks New York Giant Playset. The figure was often released with a trading card when packaged with Godzilla.

In the end, this particular release of Mecha-King Ghidorah is pretty good. He may be somewhat hard to find now days, but he was sitting on hundreds of toy store shelves for months in the past. If one ever gets the chance to pick the figure up for a reasonable price, I recommend.

Rating: Star Rating