Toy: Godzilla Vinyl Wars Wave 10: Millennium Godzilla PX Sofubi (M1GO) Name
 Godzilla Vinyl Wars Wave 10: Millennium Godzilla PX Sofubi
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Megaguirus
Company: M1GO
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2015 Height: 23 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

The M1 Godzilla 2000 has seen its fair share of releases. Originally put out in 2000 alongside Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, the mold has had a history of reissues and repaints. This particular review is for the most recent in 2015 as part of the Godzilla Vinyl Wars line. The figure stands approximately nine inches tall and has a decent weight to it. Like other figures released by M1, it is highly stylized to the point it seems like a cartoon character, something that will either turn fans on or away from this line. This figure happens to be my first exposure to M1, so let’s see how it fairs.


Side View

The sculpt is pretty well detailed with plenty of ridges and bumps from head to toe. The only real fault appears to be around the hands where the texture really starts to disappear. The shoulders are especially nice with “studs” on each side. Even the underside of the tail is pretty well textured. The spines could be a bit better in sculpt detail, but given the stylized nature of the figure, that may be asking a bit too much. My biggest gripe with the sculpt is the mouth. Godzilla 2000 only has six larger fangs and three smaller teeth in the front sculpted. From the front it doesn’t look bad, but it does look a bit off from the sides.


Godzilla comes with no accessories.


Make no mistake in articulation, this is not a MonsterArts figure. All there is here is basic arm and leg rotation. The tail can rotate as well, but it is extremely tight. I wouldn’t recommend moving it too much.


Back View

The color is pretty well done. Godzilla is a light, almost lime green color with metallic blue and green highlights throughout which really make him pop on a shelf. The silver on the throat is a bit weird compared to the rest, but it doesn’t look bad in the least. The claws on each hand and foot are this same color while the eyes are a yellow with simple black pupils which are evenly painted and don’t look cross eyed. Compared to the rest of the body, the spines aren’t as well done. While they don’t look bad, the flat pinkish purple with a slight silver highlight in the center don’t pop as well as the rest of the figure’s color scheme. I can really only think of a way of fixing this is if the spines would have been a more aggressive shade of pink or purple. It certainly doesn’t look bad, but it could have looked a bit better.


Torso Detail

In the end, this isn’t a bad figure at all. It looks really nice on the shelf and can make any boring one pop with its green and metallic colors. If you don’t like these colors, but enjoy the sculpt, you can always track down one of the earlier versions, but they do tend to cost a bit more. If one is just starting to get into stylized figures, you can do a lot worse than this particular release. I got mine for a little over $50. I wouldn’t recommend spending much more than that on this particular release unless you’re reading this in like 2020 or something.

Closing thoughts: great sculpt, neat stylization, popping colors that could use a bit more pop in the spines, and basic figure articulation.

Rating: Star Rating