Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: Trading Card
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1996 Height: 13 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Man oh man. If you're a collector like me, you didn't start with Bandais. You started with Trendmasters, the first rather large collection of figures released in America. Regardless on your feelings of the designs, you can't ignore the fact that Trendmasters had some interesting takes and new features that the Bandai figures didn't have. A few years ago at G-Fest, which fell dangerously close to my birthday, I came across the Trendmasters Megalon for $50. I didn't blow that much on it, but my dad did as a surprise gift. I was shocked, needless to say. Since then it has remained in the box, but with the addition of Varan and Baragon into my collection, Megalon has shed its protective covering to be displayed and reviewed. Oh sure, you can tell me “What about the value!?” Well… I have no intentions of selling any of these figures, so that is moot.

Side View

Anyway, lets get into gear here and review the first rare figure: Megalon. First released in 1995 as part of the Godzilla Wars line, Megalon proved to be a challenge for any collector. Sold at KB Toys, many fans would be denied this figure before it was issued through the company website. Megalon, along with Baragon and Varan, would come back the next year in the doomed Doom Island line. If you were lucky, you might have been able to find them in Hong Kong. As a general note, this particular figure is the one that was released in the Doom Island packaging, as the Godzilla Wars version is the one with sound.

Anyway, again, going back to this figure… Megalon stands at about 5 inches and has a rotabale head along with moveable arms and legs. The tail can also move a bit. The “wings” or “shell” can also open or close, but I hear it isn't uncommon for them to snap off, so be careful if you have one.

Back View

Now for the fun: Its redesign. Being a Megalon fan, I can't tell you how many fan-made Megalon redesigns have left more than just a bitter taste in my mouth. For this one, possibly the first redesign of the creature, Trendmasters moved away greatly. Let's start with the obvious: his drills or lack there of. Even the stats on his trading card don't list his hands as drills but instead blades, much like Gigan. An awkward and un-needed change if you ask me. The new color scheme will probably be hit and miss with fans, but I kind of like it. It doesn't look like an underground kaiju's colors anymore, but it still looks cool to me. I am especially fond of the new armor and scales which almost look Samurai-ish, especially on the legs. The tail has also been made longer, not a bad idea actually.

Head Comparision

The head is a bit weird for me, and for one reason: Octaman. If you've ever seen this cheapie 1980s Mexican monster movie, you can't deny that Megalon's new face looks a tad like it. The red eyes look nice, the antennas are good, the mouth looks a bit more dangerous, but the horn is too short. This could have been done on purpose to prevent it from snapping off, however.

Now, again, as I said, this design will be hit and miss with fans, but the detailing of it remains one of Trendmasters' best, especially the legs with the scales underneath the armor. The head could use some more work, but it isn't the blandest of the series. Besides the lack of drills, I can honestly say that this design, while not as good as the original, is decent.

The figure will forever remain rare and grow in value. I seem them going for over $70 and it is only destined to go higher. If you're a Megalon fan or a Trendmasters completionist, then by all means get it. If not, well, leave it alone.

Rating: Star Rating