Toy: Mechagodzilla (Trendmasters)



English Toy Title

(Original) Godzilla King of the Monsters: Monster Battle Action Playset Mecha-Godzilla / (Repaint) Godzilla Wars 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Mecha-Godzilla


Trading Card/None


11 centimeters/11 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II / N/A



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

I’ll be fully honest here, the main reason I haven’t done all of these reviews yet is because I wasn’t sure how I should do it. With these small scale figures, there were numerous means to get them. You had “versus packs” that featured Godzilla vs. one of the monsters, you had the anniversary sets that had all of them, and you even had some random one figure releases. However, all of these releases were the same (minus one 40th anniversary repaint and an unreleased Doom Island set).

So now, I finally decided I’ll just review each figure on its own with the original paint scheme and the 40th Anniversary Repaint version alongside it. To start this off, I’m going to do one of my favorite figures of this line: MechaGodzilla.


At just four and a half inches, MechaGodzilla fits in fine with the others in this particular line and that’s it. It’s molded in two parts, a top and bottom, which then plug in. It’s actually pretty easy to take it apart, allowing for some fun ideas if you’re a kid and like having Godzilla tear/blow his opponents in half.

The figure is molded entirely in a dark gray hard vinyl or rubber. There’s a decent amount of detailing here as well, surprisingly, considering its size.


Unless you count the figure’s unintended ability to rotate at the mid-section as articulation, there isn’t any here.


This really depends on how you acquire this figure. The special color repaint features no accessories beyond the slew of other figures alongside it. The regular version often came with a trading card with artwork and information of the mechanical monster.


I’m really not sure why they molded the regular release in dark gray and decided to paint the entire figure its typical silver color, but they did. This means any old scratches or dings it receives will be especially noticeable on its frame. Beyond this silver paint, the only other paint is on its eyes witch are orange with a yellow interior. Some darker highlights on the joints and other areas would have gone a long way here.

The special 40th anniversary repaint features a whole new color scheme for the robot. Now he’s a bronze color with two different hues across his body and limbs. His eyes are also blood red, giving the machine a pretty cool, unique look. I really wouldn’t mind seeing this color scheme return in some capacity, it looks surprisingly well on MechaGodzilla.


Well, it was given multiple releases and chances are, if you were a fan growing up in the 1990’s in the heart of the USA, you had this figure. It was a nice introduction to this specific incarnation of MechaGodzilla and a solid first figure for many of us growing up. I personally love the 40th anniversary repaint set that came out in 1995. It could have used some better colors, but all in all, Trendmasters 4.5 inch MechaGodzilla is a simple, yet effective, figure.

**Below are several bonus images, including some alternate views and size comparisons.**

Rating: Star Rating