Toy: Mechagodzilla 1974: DefoReal Series (X-Plus)



Mechagodzilla 1974: DefoReal Series

Japanese Toy Title

メカゴジラ (1974) | デフォリアル
[Mekagojira (1974) | Deforiaru]


Cross Attack Beam effect, extra pair of hands, beam effect stand


Vinyl Statue
14 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Of all the MechaGodzilla designs over the years, the 1974/1975 versions are my absolute favorites. Now, MechaGodzilla 1974 has entered into the X-Plus Deforeal line. How is he? Read on!


I’m new to the Deforeal X-Plus line and I gotta say, what they do with the level of detail and proportions sure are interesting! MechaGodzilla looks pretty awesome overall. The head sculpt is immaculate and is the high point of this figure. One thing I noticed right away are just how many rivets there are. It’s a Deforeal so it’s basically “big head, little body” with exaggerations, and while I don’t remember quite so many rivets on MechaGodzilla in the film, they do look pretty awesome. The attention to suit detail on the mold is pretty nice. There are little folds and creases that give the illusion that this is a suit and not a robot. One thing that surprised me is that the figure, while having some weight to it, is kind of light. It seems to be mostly hollow but it looks like it could be heavy.

As for articulation and accessories, there aren’t any for this figure. There’s a different version of this figure which had a very small pre-order window that had a light effect for the eyes. Aside from that, it’s the same figure.


Although not film accurate (the red body paint isn’t as prevalent as it is in the film), it’s applied really well. The paint application is really a bright spot on this figure. The black paint really adds some detail where it’s applied and it really makes MechaGodzilla stand out. The blue paint looks to be metallic and is applied ever so slightly except for the toe missiles. Where the paint really stands out is if you turn the figure, it becomes visible and then vanishes as you rotate, which is awesome. I even noticed faint red paint in there as I turned it around. It’s ever so faint but it’s there. I’ve never really come across a paint job like this on any figure I’ve reviewed so it’s a pretty nice treat! The rest of the paint on the sides of the head and the MG logo are also expertly painted with no blemishes.


Deforeal MechaGodzilla 1974 is a great figure. He’s very photogenic, has a great paint job and is just awesome to look at. The Deforeal line has been around a little while and is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with just how awesome they look and how detailed they are. I very highly recommend MechaGodzilla 1974 for the most hardcore collector and any new collector/casual fan! Thanks very much to Sideshow for sending MechaGodzilla in for review!

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Rating: Star Rating