Toy: Mecha-King Ghidorah: S.H. MonsterArts (Bandai) Name
 Mecha-King Ghidorah: S.H. MonsterArts
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Company: Bandai / Tamashii Nations
Extras: 3 Dorats, Machine Head, Godzilla Capture Cables with base
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2015 Height: 25 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

The second (and third if you count the Dorat accessories) version of the 1991 King Ghidorah joins the S.H. MonsterArts line! How is it this time around?


Side View

Mecha-King Ghidorah is made up of a MOSTLY new mold for the wings, middle head, mid section, tail extensions and leg braces while the rest is the same mold from the previously released King Ghidorah. The wings (with die cast upper tips), although sturdy in design, are also, highly delicate. On one hand, it's nice to have a version of King Ghidorah with move able wings, but on the other, it's a new wing sculpt and not fair to judge it against the previous version. The bumpy surface of the golden area of the wings looks really nice ion the right light.

The middle, robotic head is really cool looking and it has these interesting green translucent eyes that can either look cool or really goofy depending on the angle. A word of warning-BE VERY CAREFUL with the figure. If it falls on the floor or any hard surface, the three middle tips will most likely snap off. Rouding out the design are the leg braces and tail tips which while being film accurate, also add to the coolness of the figure.



This set shines with accessories! The set comes with 3 one inch sized Dorats and they're really cool. The sculpt for the head is quite nice and closely film accurate.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Dorats, though, is the paint job. The heads are a lightish green color which is painted perfectly with no runoff. The eyes are nicely done as well with white eyeballs and black pupils. The wings are a mix of white and gold and they look great up close. The teeth are white the tongue has a nice deep red to it. For such a tiny part of the head, it's cool that the paint was applied with no runoff and just the right amount of paint applied. The gold paint on the body really pops and while it stands apart color wise from the tan color of the face, it doesn't ruin the effect of the figure.

Also included are the "Godzilla Capture Cables", Machine Head, a few connection rods, and a base. Four of the cables come with bendable wire and the Machine Head cable's wires are die cast while the rest of it is plastic. They're attached by opening the flaps on the chest and the middle portion of the chest can be removed to fit the main Capture Cable. You can see the cables, Machine Head and base laid out here.


Back View

As expected for such a large release, the cyborg figure has many points of articulation.

Mecha-King Ghidorah's legs can move back and forth and to the side but with limited range. The heads have less freedom this time around due to the hoses attached to the chest-one of the trade-offs for film accuracy. The mouths can open and close but have loose jaws that can either be prone to "slack-jaw" or just fall off altogether. The ball joints in the tails are sturdier this time around so it's easier to pose them without them losing their pose.

The wings are sturdy yet delicate at the same time. The wings, when moved, need to be held at the base where the wing meets the body.

While it might surprise some, it's worth mentioning the articulation of the Dorats as well. What I wasn't expecting was just how much articulation there was in such a little figure. The mouth moves up and down, the tail can move 360 degrees, the head can move left to right, and the legs can move 360 degrees. Quite a lot for such a little figure!


Head View

For the most part, the paint is top notch with the red paint on the metal portions free from overspill and blemishes. While the teeth do have some slight red paint mixed in to the white, it's very slight and definitely not as bad as the paint job on King Ghidorah. The roofs of the mouths are really well done with the deep red color.

The metal parts are well done, looking sleek and shiny. The coloring contrasts nicely as well with the golden skin of Ghidorah. The control base, where Emmy's character was located while controlling the monster, is also nicely painted. It looks slightly glass-like, and a different shade than the rest of the metal exterior.

The only real blemish is this part right here on the foot where the gold paint wasn't correctly applied. It's not a BIG deal but is slightly annoying when the other foot doesn't have this problem.


Mecha-King Ghidorah is a figure that, while cool looking, isn't one that I've found personally exciting. He's just good, not great. That being said, with all the accessories, the added die cast, and mostly great paint job, it's a solid figure. Definitely pick him up if you're a fan of the figure or if you're looking to round out your collection!

Rating: Star Rating