Toy: Marusan Godzilla ReAction Figures (Super7)


Marusan Godzilla ReAction Figures

English Toy Title

Godzilla ReAction Figure - Marusan Godzilla




10 centimeters





By: Chris Mirjahangir

Super7 once again brings back not only a bit of nostalgia with this release, but a big part of Godzilla’s history. This particular toy is a recreation of the very first Godzilla vinyl toy ever made by a company called Marusan. That version was a 9 inch tall figure. What this release (both versions actually) is, is from their 3.75 inch tall ReAction series line.

Since two versions of the figure were supplied, both versions will be covered in this review. My review will be for my figure which is the “J-Tail” and site contributor Jeremy Williams’ figure with the “L-Tail” will be reviewed on this page as well.


J-Tail vs. L-Tail
J-Tail vs. L-Tail

Chris: The design, according to the back of the card, is believed to be based off the 1964 Marsuan Plamodel Godzilla kit. The face sculpt doesn’t look like the 1964 Godzilla or any previous version of Godzilla, but it doesn’t matter - it still looks cool. It’s more of a triangular face that has a lot of personality to it, which I like. In this review, two versions are being covered and the only difference between them is the tail. The one I received for review is called the “J-Tail” while the one Jeremy received is called the “L-Tail”. The “J-Tail” has a shorter length and is curved upwards, while the “L-Tail” is a little bit longer and doesn’t point up as much. The backplates are simplified and small, but look really cool. The feet are rather large but fit the figure well. The arms and hands are rather small, but it’s tough to have any real complaint for a recreation of a historic figure that’s nearly 60 years old.

Jeremy: I'll keep my thoughts brief as to not come off too redundant. But I agree with Chris on everything here with the two figures, which I have to add I appreciate so much that Super7 saw fit to not only put this figure out in some shape or form, but they also recreated something that I'm sure for alot of fans is something of a holy grail. Even if the differences may be lost on some fans, diehards will most certainly appreciate it being there.


Chris: It’s standard fare here with the arms and legs being able to move 360 degrees. The tail also moves 360 degrees as well. The joints are rather loose in a couple of spots like the left arm and the right leg. They hold their pose, but too much movement in time will change that.

Jeremy: There isn't a single thing I could say about the figure that would in any way be a negative, outside of just a minor quality control issue, that being that on some figure's joints may be a bit loose. The figure itself is absolutely amazing, as it truly recreates the look of such a historic figure, not to mention it perfectly translates to a much smaller scale figure. And I can't wait to see what other variants Super7 might put out in the future, or if they decide to release the figure in other formats.


None for either release.


Chris: For the paint, this is where the figure shines. The metallic blue on the backplates works great with the shiny silver paint on the body, arms, and legs. For the mouth, the teeth are expertly painted silver save for one small part on the right side where the jaw meets the mouth, where it has a little bit of orange paint from the inner mouth (which is also painted orange). Not a big deal. The eyes look great with the orange pupil and black iris’. It gives the figure a cross between a friendly yet sinister look.

Jeremy: Now, when it comes to the paint and color scheme for this figure I will admit I'm a bit more ignorant. I'm not too sure if this is the exact look that the original figures had or if this is just a look that Super7 chose. Either way, I really like the aesthetic featured here. It has a bluish color to the figure overall with some silver highlights. The paint apps overall look great on this figure, though that's not to say there aren't some flaws that are present here, with the eyes and teeth not being as clean on the figure I recieved. Doesn't really affect the overall figure for me given it's scale, but it also isn't representative of every figure, either, I'm sure.


Chris: This is a great release and it’s great that Super7 is bringing these pieces of Godzilla history back to life. Godzilla’s history is much more than just the films. It’s in the books and other media but the one area, at least to me, that is one of the most inspirational is the toys. With the toys, your imagination can grow in many different ways. With this being the first ever vinyl figure of Godzilla nearly 60 years ago, I can only imagine what play scenarios and worlds this figure unlocked in many imaginations, thus giving way to more creative outlets. For those who had this figure as a child and wish for a reminder of a time gone by or if you’re a new collector, this is a must own.

Jeremy: Super7 continues to knock it out of the park. Be it some of the recent announcements of their in their ReAction line of figures, or even just the releases of the Shogun Godzilla's and these two figures. I never thought us fans in the States would get the chance to own some variation of these figures. And it has me excited with all the possibilities of what they've yet to announce or are currently working on making a reality.

**Below are several bonus images of both versions of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating