Version Source
 Godzilla: Final Wars
Company: Bandai
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: Yes
Release: 2004 Height: 4 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Despite being a rather popular kaiju among fans, Kumonga has been lacking in the figures department for a very, very long time. Not once has Bandai released an eight inch or six inch-scaled figure and nor has he ever appeared in any other media, including video games. The best the over-sized arachnid has been given was two very small figures released during the years of 2004 and 2005. This particular Kumonga was packaged in the High Grade Set #11 along with Godzilla 2004, Rodan 2004, Gigan 2004, Kamacuras 2004 (who was also horribly scaled), "Fire" Mothra, and Monster X.

High Grade #11 Set

It may come as hard to believe, but this High Grade Set has one mighty problem with scaling. This comes in the fact the set features not six figures, but seven, an idea that is doomed from the start and screws up the scaling simply because they cut one of the kaiju in half to form two new figures (Kumonga and Kamacuras). Why exactly this was done? I have no clue, and wish it never was. Bandai should have just made a normally-scaled Kumonga figure, or just ditched both Kumonga and Kamacuras and released a High Grade figure of the 2004 King Caesar, Anguirus, or Hedorah.

Godzilla, Ebirah and Kumonga

As shown in the picture (that doesn't include the "Fire" Mothra because she messed the shot up), both the spider and mantis have horrible scaling with their High Grade brothers of 2004, and not only in 2004, but even before then. As seen in the picture, Ebirah (from the tenth set) scales fine with Godzilla while Kumonga... doesn't. He does, however, scale in fine with the uber-tiny figure set that was also released in 2004.

Not only does Kumonga lack scaling, he also doesn't look like his movie inspiration. His colors are off entirely. The movie version was black and yellow, the toy is brown and tan. This is also an ugly combination to boost. This will also lead us to the detail of Kumonga, and there isn't much to offer. For a High Grade figure, this Kumonga just fails at being High Grade. A matter of fact, he seems to be more related to those cheap 50-cent toys one gets from those bubble machines outside the local grocery store. Only his two bigger eyes are colored while the rest remain the dull brown the body is. Like all High Grade figures, Kumonga needs some piecing together. Thankfully it isn't hard in the least and will take the average Joe only a minute, if that, to complete.

In the end, Kumonga is a major let down. He doesn't feel at all like a High Grade figure, his scaling with the other flies out the window, and his colors are just off entirely. In the future, maybe everyone's favorite giant spider will get some more respect in the form of figures, but for now, this figure deserves nothing less than being crushed underfoot.

Rating: Star Rating