Toy: Kong vs. Skullcrawler: DefoReal Series (X-Plus)


Kong vs. Skullcrawler: DefoReal Series

Japanese Toy Title

コング vs. スカルクローラー | デフォリアル
[Kongu vs. Sukarukurora | Deforiaru]


Display base and stand


Vinyl Statue
23 centimeters


Kong: Skull Island



By: Arlo Hansen (submission)

Join us as we venture through the perpetual storm and deep into the exotic, yet dangerous, Skull Island as we review the DefoReal Kong vs. Skull Crawler deluxe figure from X-Plus and Star Ace Toys.


The Kong vs. Skull Crawler figure is a deluxe combination of the two individually released Kong and Skull Crawler DefoReal figures. They're fused together as one product with the Skull Crawler's tail wrapped around Kong's body. The pose is directly taken from the climactic battle in "Kong: Skull Island" (2017). If one is unable to acquire the freakishly huge Prime 1 Studios statue, then this makes for an ideal cost effective and shelf friendly alternative! As with all DefoReal figures, Kong and the Skull Crawler's sculpts are based on the super deformed style while still possessing the super detailed detailing that X-Plus is best known for.


There are no points of articulation on either Kong or the Skull Crawler. They're a single solid piece meant for display purposes.


Display Stand
Display Stand

A display base and stand are provided to assist with propping this figure up. Both Kong and the Skull Crawler can stand on their own, without the need for the stand. However, I do recommend using it as the figure is unstable without it and can topple over with the slightest nudge.

The stand has a cradle to hold up the Skull Crawler's backside, securing a sturdy stance. The base itself boasts green and blue forest themed coloration with the movie's logo in the center of it. I personally wish X-Plus would've gone the extra mile and given us a Skull Island themed display based not too dissimilar to the 12 inch figure or the Godzilla Store exclusive DefoReal Godzilla 1954. Regardless, I am content with what was provided.


Close Up
Close Up

As with any given X-Plus figure, both creatures look great and are very well detailed with meticulous paint jobs done by hand. Kong's eyes shine bright orange and look very intimidating as he roars at the Skull Crawler leaping towards him! The fur on his body is painted dark brown with a lighter shade used for dry brushing to bring out the finer details. The distinct scar on his chest is well visualized on this figure than it is on Kong's 12-inch counterpart, which I will eventually get around to reviewing as well.

The Skull Crawler's paint is well done too, but I wish X-Plus was a bit more movie accurate and made it a bit darker. On top of that, I wish they'd have given the Skull Crawler a glossier finish to help accentuate the fact that its skin is supposed to be translucent and her spine is visible beneath it.


I bought the Kong vs. Skull Crawler Deluxe Set so that it would eliminate the need to buy their individually released standard counterparts. In my opinion, this is the objective way to have both figures. I dig the DefoReal figures as they satisfy both my liking for stylized and movie accurate figures. So, getting this to add my collection was a no brainer. I recommend this deluxe set to anyone who appreciates the DefoReal lineup! I hope we get a Godzilla vs. Kong 2-Pack sometime in the not so distant future...

**Below are several bonus images, including close-ups of Kong and the Skullcrawler.**

Rating: Star Rating