Toy: Kong with Battle-Axe (Playmates Toys)


Kong with Battle-Axe

English Toy Title

Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong with Battle-Axe


Battle-Axe, Battle Damage Part


Playmates Toys
15 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Kong



By: Jeremy Williams (submission)


Close Up
Close Up

Honestly I got to say I’m kind of surprised with what Playmates was able to do with this figure given its price range, as the figure has a nice furry texture sculpted into it. And the head sculpt is just really nice looking overall. Sadly we haven’t seen much about how Kong will look in the film. But from what we have seen of his appearance in the film, it looks fairly accurate, even going so far as to have his ears sculpted onto the head.

There is one detail that I really don’t like or care for with this and others in this wave of figures in the line, that being the battle damage feature. Personally I’ve never been a fan of it on figures period, but especially when it’s done like it is here. Plus for those buying this for kids it’s a part of the figure that could be easily lost over time, though once it’s attached to the figure’s arm, it thankfully doesn’t really seem to fall off easily. Overall though this is a really impressive sculpt for its price range.


This figure continues to impress me given its price, as unlike their first Kong figure they put out, this figure is packed with articulation. Though the head articulation leaves a lot to be desired, it isn’t a big issue. This figure features wrist swivels along with shoulder, elbow, leg, and knee joints as well. While the posing you can do with the figure is limited, it’s still great to see them giving the figure this kind of articulation at all.


Not much is included accessory-wise, but what we do get is pretty cool, as Kong comes with an axe that he will at some point have during the film, which I'm very curious to see how it is used in the film, especially as it looks to be made out of one of Godzilla’s dorsal plates. The handle also appears to be made from a bone, and the sculpt of it is just really nice on it.


While the paint applications on this figure has a lot of issues that the first batch of figures from Playmates had, it does seem to feature better and cleaner applications than a lot of the earlier figures, as there doesn’t seem to be any sloppy paint application on the eyes or the teeth. The figure even seems to have a nice wash to given to it. But unfortunately for whatever reason they didn’t bother to paint the backside of the figure, as the back is just the color that it was molded in.


While the figure does have quite a few issues that I already mentioned, this is still a great figure even with the issues mentioned, and I cannot wait to see what other figures they bring out in this scale, and hope they continue to give their figures as much articulation as this figure features.

While these were certainly meant for kids, I still think this will make a nice addition to anyone’s collection. And while it won’t look perfect, it should look pretty good next to other Godzilla figures in this scale.

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Rating: Star Rating