Toy: Kong 2017: Exquisite Basic Series (Hiya Toys)


Kong 2017: Exquisite Basic Series

English Toy Title

HIYA Exquisite Basic Series None Scale 6 Inch Kong Skull Island Kong Action Figure


Tree trunk, x1 interchangeable head, x3 pairs of interchangeable hands


Hiya Toys
15 centimeters


Kong: Skull Island



By: Jeremy Williams (submission)

Finally after so many years, we Monsterverse fans finally get our first highly articulated Kong from 2017's Kong: Skull Island. I honestly can’t believe it took this long as MonsterArts has only done the Peter Jackson Kong, Kong as he appears in Godzilla vs. Kong, and Godzilla x Kong.


Overall the sculpt on this Kong is pretty great, as was the case with their previous Kongs. I may be in the minority with what I’m about to say, but I always felt that they nailed the look of Kong in GvK better than MonsterArts did. That being said, I don’t think they nailed the look here as well as they did with that Kong. For me, it’s a let down as Skull Island Kong is my favorite design outside of the original ’33 film.

Thankfully this figure isn’t just a copy and paste with a few alterations of their previous figures. Granted, I’m sure there are some similarities, but I don’t have those figures to compare to. So while thankfully that doesn’t appear to be the case, it’s not a very accurate depiction of the 2017 Kong. The most noticeable issue to me is how the faces aren’t exactly how he looked in the film. Even his body appears to be a bit off with how stocky he looks compared to the CG model in the film. That said, the sculpt is still pretty great, but it’s still a bit of a let down that it’s not as accurate as I would’ve liked.


Features pretty standard articulation as far as most figures of this scale go. Perhaps one of the best features that really helps (when it comes to recreating some poses from the film or just for displaying) is the inclusion of butterfly joints at the shoulders.

Sadly though (and this may be just a defect of my figure), the joints are far too stiff and even with the usual methods for loosening figure joints, they remain the same. The joints on his forearms even became prone to popping off when trying to pose it as well. So be careful when posing those shoulder joints. Other than that, I have no real issues with the articulation of the figure.


As to be expected with their previous Kong figures, this Skull Island version has a healthy amount of accessories. We have four set of hands, two heads, and a tree that he used in the film as a weapon. Overall, it’s a pretty decent amount of options when it comes to how you want to pose or display your Kong figure.

One negative I will say right off the bat is that it’s a bit of a shame that this figure has one less head than their Godzilla vs. Kong version. The other negative, which I’ll admit is more of a nitpick, but it would’ve been cool if Kong had the boat propeller he used in the finale as a weapon. While the tree is fairly standard, I feel the propeller attached to the chain was the more iconic weapon that he used.


Another strength of this figure has to be the fantastic paint applications on this figure. Not only is it impressive given the size and scale, but also for its price range, as I’ve seen other figures in the scale struggle in areas this figure exceeds in.

For one, I was impressed with how clean the paint was on Kong’s mouth, there wasn’t any bleeding of the paint or sloppiness on the teeth. Even the work done on the eyes appears to be very clean, all off which I’m sure fans know are common areas where other figures seem to fumble things.

Outside of that, the figure has a nice wash to really make the details pop that much better. Can’t say enough how pleased I am with this figure in regards to its paint.


While I may be a bit hard on the sculpt for the issues stated above, I still really so enjoy this figure. It may not be the most accurate to the film (at least to me), it’s still great to finally have some well sculpted and highly poseable figures from this film. It was always odd that MonsterArts overlooked it, but thankfully Hiya has rectified that with this figure. So fans of the film and Kong should definitely add him to their collections as I don’t see it being topped anytime soon.

**Below are bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating